This is just my opinion..., do get a recommended solicitor if possible from friends. If he/she is not a specialist they may know of a nice one.

My advice is sign and check the contract in the beginning to find out what you are signing up for. By all means follow their advice, but ask for copies of what they send to the hospital and if you disagree with the text, tell them what you would like changed/included in writing or, record it in some way. At the end of the day they work for you and should be happy to discuss any issues.

We did this, but, at this point only asked for copies of the claim letters. The solicitor that I had, said that he would no longer represent us because my family member who has physical and mental health problems, came to his office with an attitude after he would not give us copies. They then tried to send me a bill for their work without pursuing the case accompanied with a blank summons for court document. I saw this as disability discrimination and fought it. I did not find that the Law Society.org were helpful either. They told me that I should pay it then try to claim. I just went to another solicitor out of town, fought, and won (they actually gave in). It is sometimes worth following your instincts if you know you are right.

p.s I personally would not recommend Boyle Solicitors in Dundee.

Best of luck.