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urgent advice needed- filling the gap in care provided - Carers UK Forum

urgent advice needed- filling the gap in care provided

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Hi all,

I need rather urgent advice if anyone can help.
I care for my partner. He has a package of care but there are underlaps and NO contingency plan yet.
The care plan has let us down a few times and nothing has changed.
I am expected to 'fill in'. Today I have told them I cannot help on this occasion and they have no back up. They have tried other staff but have not come up with anything. They have not tried external agencies, which is something other trusts do.
This is really tricky - I want to make a point in order to force them to get this contingency plan in place, as boy are they taking their time. Can they legally force me to help them out?

(Of course, I should say here that I will help as I am not going to put this stress on my partner) I just need to know how to play this to get the best longer term outcome for my partner (and me) as I have really had it with them.
Keep up the pressure. Tell them that you are having a weeks holiday in July and they can carry the can that week. Too many carers regard themselves as powerless, but we actually hold all the cards, if only we play them right.
We arent victims, we are in control.
Legally you can walk right out and never look back .. and they know it. Have fun, and set the bar high.
What follows is general advice.

You do not have a legal obligation to provide care. Guidance from the government says that the local authority should not make any assumptions about a person providing care. The local authority has a duty to assess your partner, identify their needs and then ask you, as the carer, whether you are able and willing to meet those needs. Sometimes the answer may be yes, but clearly you are stating that you are not willing to provide this element of care and that is your right.

The question then remains how the local authority will meet the needs of your partner.

I suggest seeking some advice about this particular situation. You can call our AdviceLine on 0808 808 7777 Wed and Thurs 10-12 and 2-4
Can I really do this?
Thoughts going through my mind -
If I say I absolutely will not give care, could they make him go into a home? Will they say the trust cannot provide this level of care full stop? Then what do we do?
He has capacity to choose this but they could argue his capacity is dimished because he has a severe brain injury and does struggle cognitively. But he does know where he wants to be and that is at home, where I want him also. It is the best place for him. It is a loving calm environment.
I just want to be his partner, not his part-time carer.
Be careful Littleratchet, we have been told by the head of our social work department that if we are not willing to do the care for our 24 year old son then he will be placed into an old folks home. I think the level of suport you get can depend on where you live.

Thank you Eun and all - this has been really helpful.
I need to work out a way to keep up the pressure and be careful as Eun, I think you are right. It is a bit of a 'postcode lottery' when it comes to what care can be provided. If we lived 8 miles further east, my partner would get dual carers and 24 hour care but i think Cardiff are doing it on the cheap.
I'm thinking of chatting to Adviceline tomorrow (I rang today but they only advise on wed/thurs - thanks so much for the number Gavin)
I'm seeing my solicitor tonight to find out a bit more.
I'm also thinking about chatting to my MP and the health secretary to get their view and see if they can help.
I'd be interested to know if anyone has similar experiences of doing this and how they got on.
thanks again to all who have commented, this really is sooooo helpful
We were in that position more than once with the agencies. When we rang to complain about a time during which they couldn't provide cover, the answer was, "well, can't your wife do it?". At the time I was on a long-term temping assignment. Needless to say, I had to drop my work, let my temping agency down (they were totally understanding and sorry for me - luckily) and felt totally resentful towards everybody.
Now that we employ our own PAs, if we are without cover, I drop all my plans and still don't feel that I have a choice.
I can't offer advice as such any better than has been offered but I am wondering who is case managing the care package. Littleratchet you have mentioned "trust" a few times . I was just wondering whether your package is funded under continuing (health) care or by the local authority. It's just that trusts are usually health organisations as in Acute Trust or Primary Care Trust.

I'd just be interested to know... because for anyone who has a care package that is 100% Continuing Care funded as a health need the NHS is responsible for case management not the local authority social services. In fact I think .. though stand to be corrected if needs be .. that it would technically be unlawfull for social services to do it. I only mention it because always it seems social services take the blame when actually it may not be them sometimes.
In my experience the NHS is less experienced in case managing complex community support packages.

I do feel for you I really do so hope something gets sorted out. Am sending you a hug.... Bob[/quote]
Because we employ our own (self-employed) PAs, paid for under the direct payments system (ie. local authority), we are FAR, FAR, FAR cheaper than if we used an agency. We save our local authority thousands each year and repay unspent monies.
We get no thanks for this.
Nobody asks us how we are faring.
Nobody asks us what happens if we are without PAs.
We complete the paperwork, submit it and are forgotten about.

I wish someone would ask us how we're managing sometimes.
Rachet, have you spoken to anyone about this again, yet?