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Hi carer1

Yes, they are waterproof, the one I checked had an integral PVC cover as they all appear to have and I found the site by Googling "waterproof mattresses" and then restricting the search to the UK. The waterproof duvet cover is quite lightweight but I do now that the NHS, for example, uses or has used, heavier- weight covers so they may be worth searching for, although initially more expensive they would be liable to damage and therefore less costly in the long-run.

I don't understand why you should have to buy a bed on your own - will the local district nurses not fund a special mattress for you? We have an electric profiling bed, a waterproof mattress (although we dont really need it as son is not incontinent) and a special blow up mattress which sits on top of the other one for pressure relief - all supplied by the district nurses and serviced once a year as well.

Is it that dratted postcode lottery yet again? Its just not right is it?

I hope you get what you need soon.

Best regards

I hope you are succesful in getting your bed soon.
Hi carer1

The link below appears to have the type of heavy-duty duvet covers which the NHS uses, they are more durable than the usual thin plastic covers and more comfortable to use as well as being machine washable. They also have mattress covers which completely encase the mattress rather than mattress protectors which only cover the top and sides. If you ring them they may be able to send you a sample of the materials and they may be able to assist you in choosing the right product for your circumstances, I sometimes do this when I have to purchase items online:

http://www.henleysmed.com/index.html?la ... t=d15.html

When applying for funding I would also make the case that by purchasing the most durable and effective products to meet the need you will be reducing the need to apply for funding in the future, i.e. it is more cost-effective for the organisation or DWP to fund the most suitable products in the first place.

Years ago our district nurse department helped hubby get his rise and fall bed (for his pressure relief and change of position, as he can only lie flat on his back whilst in bed). Also, if you're on DPs or individual budgets, they should give you some advice on whether they could (part?)fund the bed. It should be classed as part of your equipment.
Thanks to all who made suggestions, following advice given here i contacted ACO who sent me details of 7 different charities that may be able to help.

I will use these as a last resort, my preffered option is for the government to stump up so i'll be trying for the community care grant. I've paid my taxes and the goverment get away very easy paying us a pitance for a job that should be paid at least £30k a year. Besides which, i'm sure there are more deserving people out there thta can use the help from charity.

I'll keep you all posted on how i go

Good luck with your quest. Hope your CCG claim is successful. Looking forward to hearing how you get on.

Take care
Before we moved back into England, when hubby came out of spinal unit 16years ago, the North East Wales DNs agreed that he needed a rise and fall bed, 1. to lessen the risk of bedsores and pressure sores different sections of the bed can be raised or lowered, head of the bed, foot of the bed etc 2. for health and safety reasons for his PAs, the bed can be raised to a suitable working height to protect their backs and all that stuff. Now, 16 years later the bed is knackered and on approaching our Social Worker/council/DNs they have refused to fund/part-fund a replacement. They say that because the DNs in Wales made the original decision to give hubby this bed, it's up to them to fund a new one. I've never heard of anything so ridiculous in my life. In the spinal unit, EVERY SINGLE PATIENT HAS A RISE AND FALL, SINGING, DANCING BED to lessen the risk of bedsores etc. Even if someone comes in just for a couple of nights, they still have one of these beds. It's not rocket science to understand WHY..... Anyway, they've just refused to help us, Wales won't because we've moved to England now, so unless we hold out a begging bowl to some organisation or other, we shall have to find umpteen hundreds of £s for a new bed on our own. Hubby's double, rise and fall bed is classed as part of his DISABILITY EQUIPMENT, because at each annual MOT visit to the spinal unit, one of the questions asked is "what sort of bed do you have?". The other organisations think this bed is an unecessary piece of furniture and why can't hubby sleep in an ordinary single bed????
Have posted on the March roll call too, had a clinical advisor visit today, following another phone call to the head of our district nurse department at our health centre in town. The crux of it is that she is now going to put our case to a 'panel' on Monday, to see who/how the new bed will be funded. Will the Council fund it via our Direct Payments or will the NHS/district nurses fund it or will it be joint funded or will it be part funded, with a contribution from us?

At any rate, it all came about because we spoke to the head of the district nurse department.

I mean our old bed has been tremendously cost-effective to the NHS, being over 16 years old, they can't say that we've 'worn it out' or abused it. They should be thankful that we take care of all our equipment that they last so long.
I agree - plastic mattresses should be part of your provided equipment from the NHS not SS.
Contact the head of district nurses for your area. Also, it might be worth contacting what's known as 'the stores' - this is where all the council equipment is kept - they may have an unused mattress waiting to go.