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giving up work

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Hi all I'm after some advice, I currently work 25hrs a week and care for my partner the rest of the time but his condition is worsening how do I go about giving up work without as the dwp state making myself intentionally unemployed? As it stands being in work is costing me money and then stress and pressure I'm feeling is beginning to overwhelm me.
Hi Emma, do you work in the public sector or for a private company - it may make a difference. I work in the public sector and was able to reduce my hours by taking flexible retirement - is that possible for you?
Ask your social worker for a carers assessment, and insist that your right to work is taken into account. They will just have to come up with some support, a care-worker, direct payments whatever.
Hi Emma
I gave up work to care for Dad and was doing a similar amount of hours to yourself- 28 from memory. I was having to pay out more for carers than I was earning after having paid petrol to work and a full time dog sitter on top of the care. Like you , it was costing me just to leave the house and work so things had to change. I found a job with less hours and flexible working (care work actually) but I dropped the dog sitter, spent much less on petrol and even got some money towards it, plus less on carers. You could look for alternative work and if this is not feasible then just tell the DWP of all your caring duties, make sure it adds up to the 35 per week or whatever you need to claim CA and you should be able to claim CA plus earnings up to £110.00 per week.
Definitely get a needs assessment for your partner and and a carers assessment for yourself , hopefully you might be entitled to some funded care by the SS if your partner is below the capital limit