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Given Notice to leave carehome

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Maybe ring them both tomorrow so at least you have some idea of what they are planning to do, to put your mind at rest. Doesn't sound like a very good quality "specialist" home.
Hello again. Pleased the home had already officially informed others, would have been VERY odd and irresponsible if they had not done so.
Guessed this was CHC funded when you mentioned one to one Care. Which seems to be currently provided by regular employed staff?
So .....I offer some ALTERNATIVE thoughts for you to mull over which might just cheer you up a little or at least soothe you.
LEt us accept, for now, that what they have told you, namely that they cannot get /keep the staff is true. No Other Complications or suspicions, ok? (These places are well accustomed to us spouses etc doin' wot we do! Lol)

CHC now have OPTION to either find a suitable home (which you said may pose problems) or "encourage" the Home to employ AGENCY Carers.
THese agency Carers will be much more expensive for the business (educated guesstimate 30 quid per hour)
So .......I am fairly certain that behind the scenes negotiations are probably ALREADY going on. And it MAY be possible for her to remain where she is now. A funding crisis, Flippin money probably at the root of it, if you see wot I mean.
Personally, I wouldn't chase CHC just at the moment but that's just a viewpoint. And I certainly wouldn't attempt the leg work of alternative homes.....let them do all the legwork and present you with solutions. Try to trust them. PLease.

(My late husband was funded CHC and also had one to one 24/7 for five years).

Wishing you both all the best
Coincidentally today I came across this
Where the CM A are asking for stories where care homes are applying restrictive practices and unfair charges or terms.
Might well be worth Barry reporting his story there
Thank you MrsAverage for the link, I have had a quick look and it appears to be a good place to put my issues, I will have a proper look tomorrow and submit my story.

best regards, Barry