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Getting ready

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
I don't know if anyone else does this, probably! .. but I always get things out ready for the morning, the night before. I lay things like legbags, sheaths, tube tops, bowel stuff, clothes etc all out on the cupboard tops, so that when I'm in a dazed state in the mornings, all I have to do is 'grab' things, rather than fiddle about in the cupboards getting them out of boxes and so on. Saves a whole load of time when all you want to do is get up and go. Also, is very useful if you're running late.
I'm only suggesting this, because most of our PAs don't think to do this and it makes life very difficult when they're phaffing about in the mornings, leaving hubby very frustrated as to why they don't think of these things. Especially as it takes up to 2 hours with his morning routines, he says he's got better things to do than lie in bed ALL morning, getting up!
I always lay things out for the care workers, be there for ever otherwise!
We do that also Fran! I lay out Robert's clothes the night before as well. Also the staff are coming to give him a shower tonight and everything will be laid out ready as they only have 1 hour to get it done.

Ditto, everything in bathroom ready for the morning and I always get her clothes out ready the night before. Downside to that is Mum then decides to put them on over her night clothes and sometimes upside down back to front or inside out hey ho! we can but try to make life easier.
Everything ready for the morning - absolutely! Stops me from waking up in the night, thinking "must remember to..."
I too put everything out for the agency carers but I wonder why I bother when we have had 13 new carers in 10 days, each of whom needs showing where everything has been put for them and briefing and I now can no longer remember who has done an evening visit, who has done a morning wash visit and who has done a shower call Image .

I have also learned to hide what I do not want them to use, for example, my face flannel now permanently resides in the kitchen, my towels are removed from the bathroom so that they only use my husband's, etc. because, much as I love him, I draw the line at sharing flannels, towels and toothbrushes with him, and as for dressing him in my track suit bottoms which he promptly soaked because the carer had not put his pad on properly... for a start you would have thought that the carer would have noticed that they were far too small for him Image Image . And I hide creams, such as Sudocreme, to stop them being used inappropriately.

It is hard work having agency carers Image .
Annie, yes, yes, yes, it's hard work having PAs/care workers in. That's sounds like a lot of them over 10 days. The forces that be, don't realise how stressful it is having to show people and cojole people and tell people things over and over and over. I do know.

I hide stuff too and get very possessive about MY stuff. And as for people taking the LAST BANANA without a thought as to whether we/I/hubby would like it ...............well, I don't know what to say. When it's snatched off the kitchen table and immediately peeled, it's just too late. I don't have room in fridges to keep EVERY LITTLE THING.

Anyway, it certainly does save time if you can put things out ready. I'm glad you all agree.
We used to soak oats in soya milk in bowls over night. By the morning it had pretty much turned to porridge and I didn't need to make breakfast. Image