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Needing I.T. expert help - Carers UK Forum

Needing I.T. expert help

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Any I.T. experts out there? I've got help sorting out my laptop, which used up my gigabites a lot.

I'm now on Firefox as I've been told it's better, seems to be. Is Firefox compatible with Adblocker? As the guy that helped me set it up, also sorted out Adblocker. Said ad use up gigabites, which could have been the problem.

Now my laptop is slow at downloading websites.
As a holding reply , first check your broadband speed :


As advertised ... or slower ?

Ad block extension ... mere space used ... can slow down web site with ads ... if regular ones , configure ad block accordingly.

Try turning ad blocker off ... still slow to load web sites ?

Same speed in other browsers when accessing web pages ?

Disc space ... time for a clearout ? Defragmentation ? CC cleaner or similar software ? What is using what on the disc analyser ?

Check what's running as soon as Windows starts ... disenable some functions ?

No doubt , someone with IT knowledge will follow shortly.
Good day Butterfly68. This inquiry does not in itself seem related to caring, but I see you have made various other posts on this forum so here goes, taking your points in order.

You say you used a lot of gigabytes. I presume by this you mean that you are finding your data charge is excessive.

You say you are now using Firefox, which seems to be better. In what way is it better for you? There are various browsers available and all do a good job in general, but each has its good points, so it is largely a matter of personal preference. I like Firefox myself, largely because of its good search facility. You enter what you are searching for in the search, panel, then choose a search engine. If you are not happy with the search results you can choose another search engine without the need to re-enter the search string. What do you like about Firefox. Has it reduced the gigabyte consumption?

You ask about compatibility with Adblocker. The guy that set up Firefox and Adblocker obviously thought they would work together, as indeed they seem to be doing. I presume he installed Adblock Plus, available from Mozilla, the creators of Firefox. So there does not appear to be compatibility problem.

It appears then that now there is a new problem - slow downloading. I think we need to recognize that if we attach add-ons, such as ad blockers, to any browser, there is going to be a trade-off in performance, because the ad blocker software uses up processor time. Bear in mind that advertising is part of life, and pays for many things we would otherwise need to pay for directly. If the loss in speed is too much of a problem for you, you may need to consider whether you should buy a newer computer with a faster processor.

Firefox's basic ad blocker is uBlock Origin, available from its own menu. This provides a less-comprehensive ad blocking service without greatly loading up the processor or memory. However, its sounds as though your friend has gone beyond this with Adblock Plus.

Perhaps if you would like to reply, with details of what type of computer you have, memory and processor details, we could try to assist further. It is difficult to give IT advice remotely with only vague information about the problem.
Hi there, thanks for responding to my post. I deal with my Mother's issues, which to me relates to my caring role, that's what I bought the laptop for.

When I mention about usage of gigabytes, I mean I have 10 gigabytes a month usage. Which now being on Firefox & with Ad Block Plus, doesn't see to use them up so fast. Relief there.

As to what I like about Firefox. I wasn't initially sure about having Firefox on the Desktop, as I was used to Internet Explorer. But I've found it easier to use.The fact you have all the tabs at the top, and can switch between them. . The switch I find works on the whole. I've been on Firefox around 3 weeks now. It's only around the past week that I've noticed the slowing down. I asked the guy why it's happening, he said something about neighbours internet's interference. Basically that if everyone was on the same network, there wouldn't be an issue.

I'm also finding just now I'm struggling accessing my email account, when I tap on it, it goes back to the Startscreen.

I've got a Windows Acer Aspire V11 laptop. Windows 8.1 edition I'm currently on, which I'm happy with, this guy keeps saying I'd be better on Windows 10. Intel Processor. 4 GB Memory.
Hi Butterfly68,

Who is 'this guy' you keep talking about? Does he work in PC world or some such place? No doubt why he is trying to get you on Windows 10 - again this is all preference really, if you like WIndows 8 then stick with it (PERSONALLY I like windows 10, but that's just me :) ).

Speed issues will, in part be down to the provider you are with. Many will have websites showing you service status so at least you can check if there are current issues in your area. I am guessing here, but are you using mobile broadband? These are the guys who usually but a 'cap' on your data. In general web browsing and email shouldn't be using up 10Gb per month really - I'd have thought that you may be streaming video to use up that much (unless you are sending 1000's of emails with very large attachments per day!).

Is there a reason you like this particular ad-blocker? There are plenty out there and again, its really down to personal preference as to which one you prefer.

When you say you struggle with accessing emails, do you use Microsoft Outlook or a web-based email (like hotmail)?

Your machine sounds powerful enough for windows 10 but see my comment above again about if you chose to use it or not. 4bg of memory is not massive these days but should allow for a good experience browsing the web, sending emails etc.

Just for my 10p's worth, I use google chrome to browse with :)
Hi. The 'guy' I've kept mentioning is someone who goes to a group I go to, who's background is in I.T. Just that it's limited how often I'm at the group to see him.

I have changed ad-blocker to Firefox's own. I'll see how that goes.

I have had to take my laptop to a computer shop to get sorted. As looks like the problem was to do with the hard-drive. He installed Windows 10 while it was there. I'll see how it goes, just got it back. Thanks.
Hello again, Chris. I've been out of touch with the Forum for a few days. How's it running now?

Originally it sounded that the slow loading problem was an immediate result of installing the ad blocker, so I focused on that. I expect the computer shop has done a good job. Possibly they have de-cluttered the hard disk.

If you have a recurrence of slow running problems, see if they happen at particular times of the day. As Chris from the Gulag suggested, do a speed check. Give as much as possible of this information to your internet service provider. I know from experience that the provider can often help with slow-loading problems by making adjustments to its network.

Let us know how you are getting on,anyway.
Windows 10 is totally different from previous versions. As a carer I don't have time to devote to learning a whole new system. My advice would be to go into windows 10 only if you're sure you've got time to learn how to use it.
I agree entirely.
I was advised to update to Windows 10 and the latest edition of Publisher. I had 20 years experience of computers and desktop publishing, but it feels like Windows 10 has stolen all that experience! Everything is much more complicated, and even the terminology has change, so although I'm sure it can do something, it takes me forever to find how to do it.
My Christmas card list is all on an Acess database as my arthritic fingers don't like hand writing, it has taken HUGE amounts of time to find out how to update it. It used to be so user friendly, now it's written in Boffin or Geek Language. Whatever happened to plain English?
"windows 10 has stolen all that experience"

sums it up perfectly.