Getting into car

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
My wife, who is fragile, uses a Zimmer frame.
When she gets into the passenger seat of our car
we put shiny plastic sheet on the seat so she can slide across easily.
This is standard practice.

But to get her sliding in we turn the Zimmer frame sideways.
Our frame, as most other makes, has a low level bar linking the front and rear

She plonks herself down on the seat facing out. Bends her knees and puts
her feet on the low level bar. I hold the frame and by straitening her
knees so pushes herself into the car. Bends her knees again and I move the frame closer to the car and once more she straitens her knees and is well inside the car.

All she has to do know is swivel around to face the front.

It sounds complicated to explain but is quick and easy for her.

I find that caring is a continue life of adaption and invention. :)
Being versatile is a required skill of being a carer.

From juggling balls in the air , okay with 12 ? The System throws you another , and then another after that.

To saving lives , most notably that of our caree.

Shame no one outside CarerLand appreciates just what skils are needed , for a basic 77p odd an hour , actually falling when overtime kicks in ?

Even then , that's rationed ... only 1 in 12 actually claim it , after putting a circus performer to shame jumping through those hoops , some actually set on fire first.

Any other " Professions " with the same entry level requirements ?

Well Albert , let's turn the clock back. Manzes for a good old nosh up ?

Change out of a pony ? Uncle Gus or jam jar ?

Whatever , another London tradition now something else ?
Albert's post reminded me of the gadget we bought to help my mother get out of the car - the "Car Cane" (it's widely available online - just Google!).

Such a simple idea, but makes a real difference. (It also has a torch fitted in it, a blade which you can use to slice through your seatbelt if trapped and you can even use the metal "prong" to break a window in an emergency!) Thoroughly recommended.
Be a good explanation next time a burgler is caught with one ?

Note ... duly made and saved,

Never know when such notes may come in useful ..... ?

Maybe the difference between " On yer toes , son " ... or grandad in my case , cheeky *** beep *** .... or 2 years at one of HM's 1 star hotels ?