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Hi guys,

I wasn't sure where to post this. I basically have no credit rating at the age of 31 as I have never had a credit card (I've only ever had phone contracts and internet contracts!). I was careful not to get one at uni and then only worked a little while before becoming a carer and a part time student again. I didn't bother to get one as my husband had one and we hardly used it. But now we are settled in our own house etc I'm thinking about trying to build my credit rating. So, my plan was to get a credit card (I know it would have to be one with rubbish APR) and use it for small things and pay off each month. My only problem is - I remember seeing a post on here that it is hard to get credit as a carer/on carers allowance?

Does anyone have any advice/ideas?

personally, I would suggest using Clear Score its free to use credit rating website / app.

Once you got your details in, they give pre-approved offers for Credit Cards.

My MRS used and her reating was really bad, but she managed to get a card with a rubbish APR and does what your suggesting, little things and pay it off. slowly raising the rating.

G x
Hi Jess .... there was a similar thread a few months ago which is the one you may be referring to : ... dit-29041]

That one was more on obtaining credit as a carer , with credit cards mentioned as it progressed.