Gardening tools

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Pet, my favourite secateurs are made by Wilkinson sword. I tend to buy middle of the price range tools.

Pennie, spray your tools with DD40, it will stop them going rusty.

Henrietta, my borders are like yours. Cottage garden style, plants picked o there always something flowering. For one of your tubs how about a Pieris; variegated evergreen leaves, new leaves are red at first andeye it has white bell-like flowers?

Thank you Pennie.
I do get weakness in my wrists and thumbs at times, so will check out Jakoti. If I don't hurry up and get something I will have a jungle!! Lol
Sue, our nearest lidl has closed down. Building a larger store soon. Have aldi though, and of course good old wilko..
The pics of the shrubs are lovely and something I would like.
Well, I found some old, nearly rusty secateurs, and have been in the garden, cutting back, the ivy, lavender, and loads brown leaves that once we're Lillie's. I told myself I would continue, until the garden wheelie bin was full. It is now! Will still be purchasing new tools, but at least I've done something. I also moved the bed a few inches this morning
( nothing to do with gardening lol), but I'm done in now.
Hi Bowlingbun
Thanks- I’ve had a look at the variegated weigiela and that is a definite possibility. It seems to tick lots of boxes- not to large, long flowering season and interesting leaves . I’ve got another couple of shrubs with pink flowering bell like floweres but with a dark red leaf and just coming into flower now I think.
I had a super huge Hydrangea that I grew from a cutting from the lady next door and it was here for years looking lovely. Some years I got the pruning just right but then I had a couple of years when I messed the pruning up and it didn’t flower that well so I got fed up with it and hoiked it out.
Thanks Susie- I googled a Choisya and thought it looked like “Golden Finger” and discovered it is the same, but I only knew it’s common name. I had one of those in the back garden shrub border for some years but it didn’t really thrive and seems to have disappeared now. I’m looking for something a bit more exciting.
I ‘ve seen the Photina Red Robins and never actually had one of those but they seem to be abundant around here in the garden centres so I’m looking for something more unusual. ( I know hard to please LOL)
Thanks Mellly- just googled Pieris and seen a pink one called Lilly of the Valley, and I have one like this but with white flowers already in my border.
It’s quite a challenge finding something different that I haven’t already tried or got somewhere in the garden.
For evergreen flowering with just one trim a year (after flowering ) Have a look at hebes . Many different varieties some small some taller, some variegated
Xx MrsA
Hydrangeas are best pruned back after flowering. Some people say in autumn, some say wait until Spring. If you do it regularly, and trim half the stems back to where you can see two green buds, then you get a good amount of flower from the existing stems, and then the others are growing up to give you flowers the next year. This way you don't end up with lots of hard woody stems not doing much. M had one in his garden which had been left to it's own devices far too long. We pruned it fiercely, then he dug it up and brought it home to me, and we put it in a bucket with some fresh compost. Last year it didn't do much (probably wondered what the heck had happened) but it's now shooting really well.