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Free Legal Advice?

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A friend of mine is applying to become power of attorney for her parents. As the forms are quite lengthy and cost £200 to submit she is wanting someone to proof read them before submitting. She has been advised that her solicitor will charge around £1000 for the service!
Does anyone know of free support/advice/guidance she can take advantage of Image
Is there a local Community Legal Scheme in your friend's area? They may be able to help.
My Dad wanted me to have enduring Power of Attorney for him a couple of years ago. I wouldn't do it, unless my sister or the solicitor was also a named POA. (I saw too many family arguments when I was nursing)The discussions with the solicitor, and all the paperwork, plus the solicitor driving the 10 miles to the Home my dad lives in,cost £150. The only problems we encountered were with the Building Society, as Dad has no mental health issues, just needed someone to get access to his money when necessary. THat took months to sort out, as my Dad still wanted, and was able to, deal with everything for as long as possible himself.

The CAB were very helpful when I needed advice about my son's benefits and the law. It worries me no end, in case I get something wrong, but they will give useful advice.
Lazydaisy, the law changed last year from the relatively simple and cheap Enduring Power of Attorney to the more complicated Lasting Power of Attorney. If you had an EPA set up (even if not registered) before the change, it still applies, you do not need to go through the new process.

LPA comes in two types, one to cover financial considerations, the other health and care, and there are (I am told) a lot more questions and therefore more paperwork to be sorted out. It was suggested to me that each LPA could cost hundreds of pounds. There is sure to be someone here who knows much more about it than I do.