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Independant Living Fund ????? ring a bells - Carers UK Forum

Independant Living Fund ????? ring a bells

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i trust you have all heard of this
Although not mentioned in the social care green paper, there have been recommendations for a phased transfer of the ILF into the social care budget, I think that, in view of other government proposals, we should be keeping an eye on this too, the ILF is one of those funding streams which tends to slip under the radar of many of us, few are in receipt of it and the threshold for entitlement has already been raised from receipt of £200 social care services to £320:

[quote]15 March 2007 - Review of Independent Living Funds published today

The Review of the Independent Living Funds, by consultants Melanie Henwood and Bob Hudson,is published today as part of the Government’s regular review of non-departmental public bodies. The Independent Living Funds enable severely disabled people to live independently in their own homes.

The Review recommends that the Funds should remain in their present form until 2009/10, but in the longer term that there should be a smooth transition towards full integration within a system of personalised budgets. The Government will carefully consider the report’s recommendations and will publish its response to the report by the summer recess.

Anne McGuire, Minister for Disabled People, said:

“While I welcome this thorough and professional report which will inform discussions of the future of social care, my priority is to ensure that the people who use the funds will continue to be supported to live independently. I recognise the ground-breaking role which Independent Living Funds have played over the past 19 years, and how important their services are to the disabled people who use them to live independently. The Independent Living Funds have made a tremendous difference to thousands of disabled people, giving them independence and control over their own lives. And I am grateful to the Trustees for their continuing hard work and commitment.â€Â
THis also has to be part funded by clients.There is no getting out of it.
there is an appeals procedier on this - i know as my friend has just won his case - based on financial hardship

it really annoys me though, as i've argued from day one

this is a TAX on DLA

AND IT'S non TAXABLE - it's simply a legal loop hole

lifers in prison must be better off

the system could make life so much easier for disabled people by making sure that all disabled peole are intitled to incom Support

at the moment after 19 years of age , the only guarantee is through carers allowance
In my view, the ILF, however laudable in intent, is yet another obstacle in the way of a single, one-stop-shop system of appropriate needs-led financial support for all disabled people. It's an anachronism. We have this complex overlapping system at the moment with too many loopholes, and whilst some people are fairly well supported, others with greater needs are not.
Does anyone here have experience of assessments for ILF.
The reason I ask is Robs post above, plus at the Big Care event I went to, several wheelchair users commented on how the ILF assessments were far better and more to their needs than the ones by social services. They were pretty insistent that ILF assessments remained in the future.
Anyone have an opinion to share?
If Robert wants to a use the ILF they will take at least £48 a week off him - we as a household cannot afford to lose that amount from the family budget every week so that is why he doesn't use it and we do the majority of the care.

Thanks Eun
The ILF charge is pretty steep - we pay the £48 for Mike's support - but the assessment process is very user-friendly by comparison, and so is the assessor.