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lavender soap

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Thats amazing.
It works on wooden floors too, great for removing red wine stains and chewing gum after parties. Image Image Image Image
Lavender in ANY form is a godsend. Image

I occasionally get an inflamed muscle in my back, ever since I tore it 20 years ago lifting Mum off the toilet. When it goes into spasm I turn into Quasimodo for a few days and can't get comfortable vertically or horizontally, so sleeping is really difficult. Now I have my trusty pure lavender oil always handy and when it happens, I just mix a few drops in a little amount of carrier oil (almond or similar) and get hubby to rub it into the muscle, and within a few minutes the pain has gone and it gives me a good 6 hours of relief. Image

I have a lavender plant in my garden and often put a few sprigs on my pillow or in the bath for a good night's sleep.

Did you know it's also brilliant for burns? A French cosmetic chemist (Maurice Gattefosse) was working in his laboratory in 1920 and had an accident that resulted in a third degree thermal burn of his hand and forearm. He plunged his arm into a vat of lavender oil thinking it was water. To his surprise, the burning stopped within a few minutes, and with the continual application of lavender oil over the following few weeks, the burn healed completely without any trace of a scar.

My medicine chest consists of lavender oil, manuka honey, colloidal silver and tea tree oil. That's about it.
OH has lavender and tea tree handsoap which doesn`t aggrivate his eczema. I adore the smell of lavender and have some in a pouch as a tie back for the bedroom curtains, so at night it is right above my head wafting in the fresh air.

Take care