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Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.

Had a needs assessment today and the council woman was lovely and very helpful. However, it looks like we would be self-funding. My husband has a pension (he is only 32 but is medically retired) and with his monthly 'salary' he got a lump sum. We are using this to help to buy a house so we can settle and have more disabled friendly accommodation for him. However, because we have that money now, and will do until we complete in September (we are buying a new build) it is counted as capital. We try just to live on his pension, PIP and my carers allowance, which isn't much after extortionate rent and bills! There are options to go through the council, but may take a while so we might just go private for the time being. I kind of need help urgently as I am struggling with my mental health! My mum has said she can lend us some money to cover anything we need care wise until we move to Salford from central Manchester. Once we move to Salford and don't have the money, as it is a different council, we can apply again and get help that way. I feel guilty about my mum helping financially, but it would help me. The needs assessment made me realise how much help I need.

I've already looked into care companies through the CQC this evening and they look brill for what we need, but need to find out prices etc. I'm also looking at getting a regular cleaner. Does anyone have any advice about finding a care company? And what the prices are like? My husband's needs varying dramatically day to day and week to week, so not sure exactly what services we require also!
The only solution is to move sooner.
That would help, but it's not possible as we are buying a new build that won't be ready until September. There isn't anything anywhere that would be suitable or in a good enough location for the same price. Plus our rental contract doesn't end up then anyway.

I'm prepared to pay for the next few months for care/cleaning - we have a little bit extra on top of what we need and my mum as said she will help. I'm struggling at the moment so need some help asap rather than waiting.

Just not sure what to look for in an agency and what prices to expect. I have used the CQC website to try and find all the 'good' and 'outstanding' ones but there are so many about!
Hi Jess
Can't help with agency as have never used one, but I do think you should accept Mum's kind and generous offer. You and hubby are in an unusual and difficult situation where being independent takes second place to accepting all and every help, no matter where it comes from.
You'll have read threads on here where people are desperate for their caree to accept help and they refuse, so it's best for both of you to get used to it early as you may need even more later. That's practical help as well as financial.
And, speaking as a Mum, I'd be so wanting to help and so hurt if it was refused. I'd be worried sick about you. Let her support you, please
Thanks for your reply :)

My hubby is not keen on outside help, but he can see how much I am struggling so he is willing to give it a go to try and help me.

I feel guilty about taking money off my mum, but I know what you are saying. I should go for it to get some help now to prevent problems for myself/him later. And I'm very close to my mum so I know she wouldn't offer if she didn't want to/didn't have the funds available. She's not the type to hang it over my head either, quite the opposite.

I've emailed a few agencies today explaining the situation. Hopefully I hear back by tomorrow, but will do some ringing round if not. I'm going to get a cleaner in this week to get things going (help me and get hubby used to having people about the flat).
Hi Jess
The old saying "You get what you pay for " seems very apt in this part of the world down south. Make sure you stay on top of actively managing the help or they may take you for a ride. If you are privately paying for half an hour, make sure they are gainfully employed for half an hour from day one and stick to it. If they regularly fail and need daily nagging- change agencies asap. Good Luck. There are some brilliant agencies out there but you hava to pay for it.
Thanks for the tip - I'll keep a close eye when I do sort something out. Had one email back and prices don't seem astronomical but pretty high, but I kind of expected that! You are right with things in life ' you get what you pay for'
Ask among family and friends too. You never know but someone may be employing a cleaner privately that is looking to take more work on. They are usually cheaper than agencies but would be up to you regarding any checks you do on them.

Friend of mine does this re cleaning and can get 2 hours work for the same price as one hour via an agency.

Enquire if any of the local carer groups have a sitting service for your hubby. Costs can differ from free to an hourly rate but would enable you to have a break. Just a few options for you.

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Hi rosemary,

Thanks for the idea - I hadn't thought of asking a local carers group - silly of me I know! Lol

We do have one near us and so was going to call them next week when they are open again. They have a meet up too every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month so will see if I can make that too!

I'm just going to go with a regular cleaner for the flat cleaning and stuff. Found what looks like a good company that is reasonably priced. Try and start that next week.

Thanks for all your replies guys :)