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jenny lucas wrote:
Thu Sep 06, 2018 10:45 am
"Does changing from *joint tenants* to *tenants in common* not come under *deprivation of assets*?"

Interesting - and scary! - question!

One might argue that the point about 'deprivation of assets' is that those assets are ALREADY OWNED by the person 'getting rid of them' (ie gifting them to children or whatever).

However, to simply 'change your will' (which is essential what you can do once you are tenants in common not joint tenants) is to 'promise to dispose' IN THE FUTURE.


But it's definitely a scary thought - I'm sure local authorities would LOVE to claim it as deprivation of assets!
Irrelevant Jenny as wills only come into effect after death and this is being done to protect the money of the one who dies, not the one in the care home