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Fiat 500 - Motability - Carers UK Forum

Fiat 500 - Motability

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
I've just started a new weekend job as a receptionist at my local Fiat dealership and have had a lovely chat with the onsite Motability guru about the super stylish Fiat 500.

The car is available as nil deposit and doesn't take the full Mobility component of DLA so there'll be money left over from that payment!

It's very economical, light and a breeze to drive. However, being a 3 door and having a relatively small boot, it's not ideal for those with severe mobility issues.

It's a great runaround for people without large wheelchairs/those who are more mobile. I'm not professing it to be perfect for everyone but wanted to share it with you as the deal is a good one and you never know...it could be the car for you Image

The number for my garage (Nuneaton - Warwickshire) is 02476 382 807 and you can ask for Jane or take a look at the Fiat Motability website: http://www.sgpetch.co.uk/motability/fiat/500.

Just to clarify, this is not Fiat propaganda! I genuinely think this is a good deal on a motability car Image Just trying to help x
I am the one who commented on Facebook. Just having a bad day Amy,apologies to you.I visit several pages for different charities and there are so many people who come there and are just advertising, it is hard to know who is who.
I have this car privately and is impossible to fit wheelchair, zimmer and 2 people in it. Looks good though.
I know they're really tiny, obviously they're more suited for those without mobility equipment.