Eye test at home

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I daresay most of you know about this, but just in case.........
My wife has ARMD and also uses a Zimmer frame to get around
so finding it difficult to get to an optician each year for an eye check up.

There only seems to be one nationwide opticians who are willing to come to one's house to do
eye tests, namely Specsavers. Boots don't do this social service for the elderly and housebound.

So I booked up and yesterday a little demure lady turned up with 4 (Four!) large cases and tested my wife's eyes.

Very polite and friendly even though she never sold any glasses go my wife. :)

So I can recommend Specsavers for anyone who is over 65 and is finding it increasingly
difficult to go out to an opticians.

Next step is to find a home visiting dentist.
Albert, good to hear the home optician did well.
As far as the dentist is concerned, the NHS should have a "Community Dentist" who can help. We have one locally who used to visit my housebound mum. She also treats my son with learning difficulties. She is so kind and patient. I know my son needed a special referral to the service, so you might need to make one or two phone calls to find out how the system works in your area.
Dad had a home visit from "The Outside clinic"-They come with a selcetion of frames to choose from once test is complete.