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Getting a new job

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
So I've got myself a job interview tomorrow... the trouble is it's a full time vacancy.. not likely to find something similar part time any time soon... and it will mean continuing to ignore my own health problems and the needs of my disabled child and husband.

Just wondering whether others would be honest and up front with interviewers about wanting part time work rather than full time? Would you be honest about caring and own health issues? I'm pretty good at covering up usually...
Imho, if an employer advertises a full time job, then they want a full time worker. If someone at interview asks about part time the employer would probably think that candidate isn't going to be willing or able to work full time and therefore wouldn't offer the job. There WILL be other candidates who can and want to work full time.
A couple of times I have taken full time temporary work, and then when offered permanent have said yes, but only if you can offer me part time. By that time they know me and my work and have agreed.
it is easier to ask and negotiate when you are employed rather then at interview.

Just my opinion
Why cover up? If it's not the job for you, then you are wasting their time and your own time.

I have been in your situation more than once - the way ahead, I found, was self employment or free lance work. I have done everything from packing eggs on a farm to delivering flowers, to dinner lady at school, to a cleaner, to baby sitter to graphic designer, to sign painter, to genealogist - not enjoyed some of them, but needs must - it is a case of being a square peg and making your own square hole ! Good Luck !!!
I agree with Mrs A. I wouldn't ask about part time now, I would - if it's possible at all - take the job fulltime, but then, after say three months, simply say that your family situation is worsening (no need to say it always has been!) and so you are asking to go part time.

If they have come to value you, then hopefully they will agree. If they don't, then you will have that full-time period of work on your c.v.

It really depends whether you can 'manage' to work full time even for a short period.

My only concern is that it's being a little deceptive to the employer from the off (ie, 'concealing' that you really want part time work), but maybe that depends on how plentiful such jobs are. Do you think there will be strong competition for it?
Yes. My profession is pretty competitive and if I don't get back in soon I am worried I will not be able to get another job at this level.

There is a bit on the job advert that says all full time posts are eligible for job share. I'll see how I feel in the interview... I agree it's best to be as honest as possible... perhaps I could just say that I am flexible about the working hours if there is another applicant who wants a job share...

Or maybe just sod it and stay at home to take care of my family....
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