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ENERGY BILLS - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum


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I am a fan of hot water bottles, too. I have a 'basic' supermarket kettle which I keep just for this. I pour the lukewarm water from the HWB into the kettle and save the energy I would use heating it from stone cold. (But definitely don't use the same kettle for your cuppa!)
Snap! I do exactly the same! And yes, definitely don't make tea from the hot-water bottle water. :)
I think energy companies should do more for disabled and carer's
I've never paid more than about £80 - £90 per month on dual energy bills, but my current supplier have just decided to send me an estimated bill of over £200 per month.

I sent them some readings recently, so it should be accurate, and I don't think that's right!
Our usage hasn't suddenly changed, and we certainly can't afford that amount.

I googled, and the average for the type and size of house is no more than £95 per month.
I'm not sure if carers have higher than average bills because of having someone at home full time, but my income isn't reflecting this. The sums don't add up!

The supplier have asked for photos of the meters to check how accurate they are, but I'm sick of being made to go into arrears or debt despite using Martin Lewis' Money Supermarket energy comparison and switch to find the best tariffs, only to find I'm still getting into arrears.

Yes, we get the Warm Home Discount, but that's little respite when the bills are constantly more than your income!!
Quite a bit on the main ENERGY thread for any recent readers :

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