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Encouraging elderly husband to eat - Carers UK Forum

Encouraging elderly husband to eat

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My very elderly husband (much older than me) has multiple illnesses, C.O.P.D.; Prostate Cancer; mobility problems; heart problems and now a post-op hernia His appetite has shrunk over last few months and I am finding it hard to give him nutritious food that he can enjoy. Any tips please?
My husband is 80 in a few days and I do understand your problem and truly sympathise as one cannot make a person eat. . We had an excellent Dietician but he would not take her advice. Have you thought about Fortisips? They are liquid so are easy to take and do provide all of the vitamins and protein. They are available on the NHS .Soups have been suggested by some. Things that are light and easy to digest such as scrambled eggs?

I am sure others will have more suggestions. My husband lives off chocolate and Fortisps with the occasional banana and apple. He will occasionally have crispbread with cheese. If your husband is losing weight, I would at least talk to the GP. My husband now weighs around 8st 7 - he used to weigh 11st 7 so it has been a huge but gradual weight loss over 3 years.
Hi Sue,
his appetite is probably small as he won't be burning much energy, so try serving small amounts on a side plate, as its less off putting.

Don't focus purely on the nutritious element, focus more on what he fancies - a lot of very elderly folk prefer food from their own childhood - shepherd's pie, cake and custard, rice pudding, trifle etc

Cream can be added to foods, a thick layer of butter, choose full fat options etc My friend's aunt was very poorly and lost a lot of weight. She now has very small portions but has still gained weight, as she is finishing what she is served, and eating more calories than she is burning. If she has a ready meal, she has half of one and that is plenty.

Hi Sue. Would he eat/enjoy soup? I have a soup maker and it's brilliant (and easy) for making nutrious soup and you can make it completely smooth (even things like pea and ham), so it's nutritious but easy to eat and digest. Soup is very filling and of course, nutritious and you can freeze it in batches, which might make life easier for you. There are also companies such as Wiltshire Foods who deliver ready-made frozen meals, which you can cook from frozen and you can choose 'minced' or 'pureed' - or just 'soft' if your husband can manage that. I ordered some for my dad and they were very good. They don't have a minimum order quantity, so you could order 2 or 3 and see how you get on.
https://www.wiltshirefarmfoods.com/?gcl ... gL_-vD_BwE

I hope that helps. Your GP should be able to prescribe Fortisips, which are drinks full of nutrition.