Electronic Speech Aids.

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Ok,my client has an aquired brain injury and his speech is severely impaired. He has limited mobility but is able to use a mouse on pc and does basic tasks, eating, brushing teeth etc.
I'm looking for​ advice on systems available and also on funding? My Client would benefit greatly from some form of technology but I have no experience in this be area. Any advice appreciated!
Hi Budgee,
This forum is for family and friend carers to support each other. However, my caree uses an electronic communication aid and I'm a real advocate of folk who would benefit having access to them. I don't know where you are based, but the first step is to arrange a referral to the speech and language therapy service. This could be done via the client's GP, community nurse, social worker etc in some places it's possible to make a direct referral, look on your local NHS website.

Alex Kelly Ltd are a company which offer various speech therapy services and advice. Might be worth asking them. in Romsey, Hampshire