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Wheelchair or WAV

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Hi, Just a quick question. If you get an electric wheelchair with the mobility component of DLA does social services have to ability to provide you with transport. I have been given to understand that if you have a wheelchair accessible vehicle using the mobility component of DLA then social services doesn't provide transport.

Just weighing up the options? What have others done?
We have a WAV on motability and we are expected to use it to take our son to and from respite in a children's hospice but we do get the money spent on diesel fuel back when we put the receipt in to the SW dept. Is it not the Health Board who should be supplying your electric wheelchair free of charge?

Hi. Because he's visually impaired and they only have a limited selection in terms of types of chairs available the health folks are only providing manual chairs with powerpacks provided by SS unless person is seen as a 'special case'. It'd cost them double if they were to provide an electric wheelchair as they'd have to supply an electric wheelchair as well as a manual wheelchair as a backup.

Am thinking if we got a suitable wheelchair on Motability whether caree would get help with transport from SW.

Not sure if it's the same for kids as it is for grown up carees ... think there's a bit more money for kids.
Rob isn't a kid - he's 27 but when he was younger there was less help re kids as we had to go to Whizzkids to get Rob's first powered wheelchair but then wheelchair services wouldn't touch it when it needed repaired etc. Up here in our part of Scotland adults get given a power chair and a manual chair as backup. Wheelchair services aren't very good but Rob comes under Bioengineering now because he needs so many adaptations done to the standard power chair (he has a tilt in space facility, extended footrests, extended arm supports etc) and he needs a control to be mounted on his tray as the side control is becoming too difficult for him to manage now.

My oh's has all that Eun's Rob does except his chair isn't powered as he cannot operate one. It and the powerpack were supplied by the Wheelchair Services. When he could no longer transfer to an ordinary car I traded it in for a WAV, but it's ours, not Mobility as couldn't afford one of theirs!
The initial payment is an obscene amount of money isn't it Myrtle? Our existing van cost us 7 grand on top of the mobility allowance and we are going to have to find that amount again next year when the 5 year lease is up. To buy the vehicle outright would be more than we could afford though and of course there is the worry over the introduction of PIP replacing DLA when we risk losing the van because aren't the government saying that if you can propel yourself in an electric powered wheelchair then you don't get mobility allowance?

Isn't it just Eun!! And it's dead money as you have to find it again and again and again. At least I only had to find it once........and a very good garage to look after it for me!
The government are saying a lot of things that are going to hurt the disabled, if you can propel yourself in an electric powered wheelchair then you don't get mobility allowance being one of them. Just how far do they think you can go in a powered wheelchair as opposed to in a car?????
Or are we all heading back to the dark ages, where we should be neither seen nor heard Image Image
The sad thing is I think we are. We saw someone from the wheelchair service who said how 'lucky' we are as it wasn't so long ago disabled people were in institutions ... Ah, you almost had to hold me back! lol.

I think we may have to try and get a second hand WAV not on motability and get an electric wheelchair on motability. The wheelchair service seem unable to do anything that's suitable. There really does seem to be such a huge disparity in services from one area to the next. Shocking really ... especially when they talk about equity and fairness.
Poppet,I think that we are heading that way too.
My husband's blood sugar monitor broke down a few weeks ago,and we could only access another of that particular model from the company, via the Diabetes nurse.The nurse only works part time, so he was nearly three weeks without it,then she had the cheek to tell him that he was too reliant on technology!He has lost his sight due to diabetes,and we have both lost our younger son due to diabetes;too right we rely on technology, we wouldn't get far without it. (People with diabetes who use insulin pumps rather than injections,are 100% reliant on it).
by the way, I think it is terrible that people who need a lot of support with their mobility,such as your son Eun or your husband Myrtle,should have to find such ridiculous amounts of money to be able to safely get from A to B.