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Advice on lifting please - Carers UK Forum

Advice on lifting please

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Can someone tell me, am I right in thinking the Government at one point announced they would be helping carers with courses on how to lift people? If so, I would like to attend one of these courses. I have picked up lots of tips from my ex-nurse sister, but my physical strength isnt getting better as I get older, and Mum weighs about 9 stone. Could anyone point me in the direction of where I could get training to lift her safely? She can stand (just) with help, its just moving her from wheelchair to chair, and bed etc. Image
Hello Pat

I wouldn't advise lifting at all. I was lifting my Mum for many years and as a result at the age of 33 I suffer with a bad back. Though in your case its a matter of helping steady your Mum to help her transfer, I'm sure that you can get training for this by contacting your community DN or get referral from your Mums doctor or SW.

Hope this helps

Take care
Maryann x
Hi Pat

I think what you are referring to was a recent announcement that govt will fund a £5m training programme to help carers with things like safe lifting. However they have only annouced the money I think it maybe another year before anything gets started.

However many areas do offer these programmes already, just depends where you live. Maryann has given you the best course of advice about who to contact locally.

Best wishes

matt Hill
If you are going to do any lifting or steadying you need the asssistance of your Social Worker to help you obtain a "Transfer Belt" but if you have a Crossroads in your area they offer tuition on lifting but again the Social Worker should be able to point you in the right direction.
Before the hoist was installed, I used a slide board wth a tranfer belt, but I was advised not to try and lift if possible.
Caring use to be about caring and common sense, now we supposedly need training, another exscuse for organisations to earn money training people who do not need training, the majority of the things you will be taught on a lifting coarse will be totally non practical, the only people to hurt my mother when moving them were highly trained NVQ people,to me those letters stand for not very quick, i mean stupid, not very bright, i would never trust someone else to lift one of my elderly love ones, the only person who you can trust is yourself.
Lifting someone with a hoist is easy, you dont need a coarseto learn how to use one.

All the best Tonyxx Image
Hi Tony

Sorry but I disagree as with suffering from a bad back I could of done with learning techniques of how to transfer/lift Mum, so I'm all for this kinda of training. As for the hoist I did need training for this as my Mum gets extremely agigated I needed to make sure I had it to a T before attempting to use it with Mum. Its only my view and its probably going for so long lifting is the reason I feel its should be a priority once becoming a Carer.

Take care
Maryann x
I wish I'd had moving and handling training years ago. My back would not be in its current state. Image Hoist training would be useless to me as I've never had cause to use one.

It would have been useful to have had some training on behaviour management to help us to cope with our autistic son, but as Tony says, I could probably teach the professionals a few things now! The benefits of long experience finally pay off! Image

Anything else carers need is information - where to get help, advice - how to get it, and a reminder that we all need to take care of ourselves, too. So Matt's list of training falls mainly into this category.
When mum was bed ridden the only time she screamed out in pain was when the DN`s tried to move her about. The Crossroads lady was trained the old way, as I had been and that was the way we worked with mum. Luckily the home care lady at that time was old school, and the care worker who used to call would lift mum with me the same way I was taught. I have a bad back too, but as a result of a car accident 36 years ago.

If you are confident in the move you are about to make and the caree trusts you and understands what is happening, it`s half the battle.

Take care
Bravo meg, i fully agree with what you have said.

Tonyxxx Image Image