ear syringing no we don't do that anymore.

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Freezing cold outside, old gent down the road needs his ears syringing, has asked about someone coming to the house, oh no we don't do that anymore.
Asked about the flu jab, can the district nurse come out and do the flu jab and syringe his ears.

No we don't do the flu jab anymore can he pop down to the surgery, I have been outside almost slipped in the car park, minus one here, icy windscreens frozen up.

Just seem to be cutting down a lot of services forcing family/unpaid carers to do more work.
All in the name of saving money, but if he trips and breaks a hip, it'll mean an ambulance, an operation, hospital stay, rehab costs and probably a care package from then on due to his reduced mobility...

If he doesn't have it and gets flu, he'll probably need a hospital bed and follow up care.

Family and friends carers cannot do everything and what about those folk without anyone to take them?

Thoroughly depressing.

my local GP stopped syringing ears over 9 yrs ago.
the only people that can still get their ears syringed are those who use hearing aids .

2 months back , i had water trapped in my right ear causing pain , cracking sounds every time i ate , sneezed , swallowed or turned my head. called up to make an appointment with the nurse to get ear syringed . and was informed by the receptionist "" only people with hearing aids get syringed "".

and the street i live in , is largely elderly people over 60 , some more than able than others .
but those who have mobility issues are told to get a taxi or a neighbour to take them to get their flu jab .

my sister was talking about her flu jab the last time we visited her , as her GP surgery said it is that time of the year again , when the flu bug is lurking ,, please call to book your appointment , or she could get the newer flu injection privately at a chemists it would cover her for more strains of the flu .

mum had her letter about the flu jab , but if she decided not to get it this year she was just to ignore the letter and bin it .
as last time she got it she was sick for days , and caused her vertigo to go into over drive