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holiday grant

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can anyone tell me if there are any grants towards holidays ..would love to take my wife who is disabled and kids away somewhere for a break but cannot afford it on our benefits..any advice would be of great use to us
There are a number of trusts that may be able to help, but you need to get in touch with your local CAB or Carers Centre, if you have one. Or if there is a disability group in your area where your wife can apply for help.
Hello Colm

You could ring your wife's Social Worker and ask if you have a Carer's Developement Officer appointed to your area! What area are you in?

Take care
Maryann x
we live in the birmingham area ..but do not have a social worker or know of any care goups or charities
Hi colmadcap

There is a PRTC carers centre in Birmingham, they should be able to help you.

PRTC Birmingham Carers
Centre Milton Grange
16 Handsworth Wood Road
West Midlands
B20 2DR

Tel: 0121 303 4044

Hope this helps

how i wish we could go away somewhere but we cant afford to, everything has gone up but benefits dont ! i have looked around on the internet as im told that there is help out there but cant find anything
Princess Royal trust for carers have a grant scheme towards holidays. If you are on income support a Community Care Grant may help with travel costs, and the Travel lodge group are doing a brilliant scheme online just now for June July and August, rooms with full disabled facilities on the ground floor and disabled parking facicities on the doorstep for £9 per night.

We have used the Travel lodge a few times now on the £19 per room rate and have no complaint about the accommodation.

Take care

Sorry not knowing the full situ this will be generalised but depending on your wife's condtion is there any support group/charity relating to this?

Is there a charity relating to any occupation either yourself or your wife might have had?

There are other more general charities which support people and its a long haul searching through them all to see if you might qualify.

Hope someone somewhere will help soon.

whats the best way to get info about the princess royal trust ?

If you click on this next link it will give you a list of many other organisations including the PRTC.Just scroll down and click on any that interest you to get more information.

http://www.carersuk.org/Information/Fin ... anisations