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Clothing washed in care home laundry - Carers UK Forum

Clothing washed in care home laundry

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Hubby has recently gone to care home and already I have noticed that his pullovers are suffering from high temperature washing so I would appreciate advice on suitable replacements and where I could buy them.
Hi Violet

I'm afraid this is an all too common problem !

I can only suggest switching knitted sweaters for cotton sweatshirts on cotton polo t-shirts - both freely available from most stores or sports shops. With Mum's jumpers etc I finally resorted to taking them home and washing them myself !
Not cheap, Violet, but I had some success with clothes from the Damart catalogue. Again acrylic or sweatshirt material seemed to fare the best.
My eldest son is a mechanic, he wears Jerzees sweatshirts. He used to wear green ones, which showed the oil marks, and I've washed them many times at 60 degrees without them suffering. I get lots of cotton things from Lands End as well, these tolerate tumble drying. Their polo shirts are fantastic, I've had some for years, always tumble dried, and they don't turn a hair, still the same shape.

Some of it is quite expensive, but If you sign up for their regular emails, they have regular sales and special offers, sometimes with as much as 70% off. So I get a shopping list together and then order when an offer is on.
All Mums clothes come home for washing. After months of labelling it still disappeared or got ruined. We got quite upset finding her in someone else's clothes.
Only sheets and towels go to the Homes laundry.
Yes, I know they should be able to sort it out but there are bigger battles to pick.
Plus it makes us feel useful and gives a reason for pop in visits
I too buy polo shirts from sports direct and cotton type cardigans.They seem to withstand the wash. Sadly it's one of the bugbears of care/ nursing homes. I try not to fret now. I personally don't bring hubby's washing home as he is incontinent,and the staff wouldnt separate the clothing. Occasionally I take things home to brighten them up or iron if really need it.
Thanks for replies with helpful advice and suggestions. We don't have many shops here (small town) but I'll follow up the suggestions on line.

Pet - like you I am not intending to take all of hubby's laundry home but will keep an eye open for anything that needs to be "smartened up" at home.

Thanks again folks
I found this when my son was in hospital. They ruined his blanket so I always washed his stuff weekly myself while he was in there.
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