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Any support groups? - Carers UK Forum

Any support groups?

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is there any support group I can go to please - in the Lichfield, Walsall area of the west midlands.
My husband is terminally ill with cancer. I would like to talk with people who are in the same situation or at least with people who are dealing with caring for a loved one. It would also help to be able to talk to those who are bereaved, as I soon will be.
Hello Mandie,

there are a few ways to search for local support groups.

You could enter "carers support groups Walsall" into your search engine which will bring up this link:

or if you specify Lichfield you'll get this link:

you can also check out groups via the main CUK website - have a look here:

You could also check out the McMillan Cancer Support website here:

McMillan don't just support the person with cancer they also support the families too.
You can also check out some of these cancer folks that are in the UK. Hopefully you found some people to connect with. This might also help the next person.
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Hi Mandie,
Welcome to the forum, you will find lots of support for you here.
Are you in touch with your local hospice? When my dad had prostate cancer, he had lots of support from our local hospice, which had a day centre and outreach services.
Has your husband had a Needs Assessment, and you, a Carers Assessment from Social Services? They should be able to tell you what groups and services are available in your area.
He may be entitled to "Fast Track" disability benefits, be sure to find out. Carers UK has a brilliant advice service, we used to call it a "Helpline" but the phone line is always busy. If you email them, they can reply, usually within a week.
Do you have Power of Attorney sorted out? If not, please consider doing this asap, as it gives you equal rights to talk to the doctors about your husband's condition, and make important decisions if he is too ill to make them for himself.
Please note the original post was made in July 2014 and the OP hasn't been back since then.