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standard letter to a gp

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I am trying to write a letter to my gp about my caring role but just cannot think of the right words to put.
Is there any kind of standard unpaid carer letter, I could print out and sign. Would make it a lot easier.
What sort of thing are you trying to say?
If you are just trying to register your details so they are aware that you a carer, your GP receptionist may have a special form for you to fill in your contact details so ask at the desk.
Hi, what is the reason for/ purpose of the letter?

We had one drafted by the Rutland County Council Carers Team I will try and find it for you ;)
Hi Londonbound

Here is the link to the one that carers in Rutland were recommended to use. You may be able to adapt it to meet your needs

http://www.rutlandsenfamilies.co.uk/res ... as-a-carer
I have asked at the reception and there is no scheme like that, I cannot register myself as a carer as there is no registration scheme.
I know another carer who is registered with the GP, but this isn't in my county.
I need to put words like caring all the time emotionally and physcially exhausted.
But it is not the physcial health problems I am having problems with it's the mental health problems, I am finding hard to cope with.
If my caree was getting proper treatment/help and support then that in turn would help me.
But I am coping with mental health issues on a day to day basis, basically it's the lack of action on the gp's part.
The Gp knows my caree has physical health and is getting help for them from Social services but the care plan doesn't deal with the mental health issues.
So again what do I do, should the GP cordinate the care, should social services ask for a mental health assessment.
My caree doesn't want to admit to the G.P. they are suicidal might get sectioned.
I am in a very difficult situation, but I cannot cope any longer with these constant mental issue issues.
Tried the Mind helpline , basically my caree needs to get into the mental health system then I the carer will get help as well.
But everytime I take my caree to the gp, they say they are alright when they are clearly not alright depressed suicidal and anxious.
Perhaps if my caree got help he would not get sectioned get home visits by a mental health nurse? I don't know.
I think that your GP should indeed know about these issues and I can understand why you want to write a letter to him. I have done the same thing to hubby's GP.
If you are struggling to find the right words would it be better to speak to him face to face? If you book an appointment with the GP you can go and tell him these things instead of writing. He won't be able to advise you, or discuss things with you, but would be able to ask you questions to clarify things if necessary and the GP will write a report in your husbands records.
When I contacted my hubby's GP about something I was concerned about, but he wasn't telling them, he got an appointment for a "general check up" and they ended up talking about the issue I was concerned about, but hubby was not aware, and was not told, that I had raised the issue. I do hope that this is what happens for you.