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Discounts for Carers

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
This was posted by another member in Roll Call recently
Reading my magazine, on a money talk page. It says:-
Carers can get a range of discounts at places, including Clark's, Halfords, Argos.
Free to join, but you will need to prove you are a carer to redeem voucher codes.
No idea if it will work, or maybe some of you know of it.
Just thought worth sharing.
I read the same article and thought it could be useful so have copied her post to here as I know a lot of you don't go to read Roll Call (in Members Corner)
The link goes nowhere useful for me. Screenshot below.
carersdiscounts modified.jpg
Try this one Ayjay


I think there was a typo in the first one !

I did get a page with the first one, but it was just a series of further links none of which were relevant ! The one above seems to be the one referred to in the magazine article
Interesting ?

Discounts for Carers is a dedicated discount service for individuals working or volunteering in the care industry.

Us ?

On the JOIN FOR FREE bit ... SELECT YOUR MEMBER TYPE ... care for family / other ... is an option.
Chris the link is from an article in a women's magazine which often comments on issues related to family carers it generally refers to those working in the care industry as "Care Workers" as opposed to the generic "Carers" - the magazine is "My Weekly" issue 5473; May 7 - May 14 2019, page 57.
Thanks Susie.

Should I add that publication to my regular reading list ?

Inbetween the FT and the Sporting Life , perhaps ?
Actually "Yours" is probably a better bet ! That one has quite a large section on caring for family carers and has it's own online caring community - unfortunately I don't have a copy of the magazine to hand so can't provide a link, but this might provide a taster of the sort of information they publish https://www.yours.co.uk/relationships/carers/
Quick glance ... carbon copies of the CUK / Carers Trust FaceAche pages ?

Fine ... for some.

Without repeating meself too often , benefit advice ... would go down well with some of the thousands of carers needing
a food bank ?