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Dealing with Scams / con tricks - Carers UK Forum

Dealing with Scams / con tricks

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Carers UK is backing a new scams awareness campaign.

The Office of Fair Trading has a new leaflet aimed at carers. Those who care for vulnerable or older people are being asked to look out for warning signs that the person may be a scam victim. Does the person you care for :

* Receive a lot of junk mail?
* Have a house full of cheap-looking goods such as jewellery or health products?
* Receive frequent calls from strangers?
* Become secretive when discussing finances with family and friends?

Many scams take the form of bogus and fraudulent offers sent by post, telephone or
e‑mail. Every year, three million people fall victim to scams, losing an average of £850 each.
Fake lottery and prize draw wins, bogus psychic predictions, get-rich-quick investment cons and ‘miracle’ health cures are just some of the tricks scammers try. Though anyone can fall for a scam, the elderly and vulnerable are more likely to be targeted.

The leaflet download link is : Can you stop the person you care for from being scammed? (pdf 532 kb).

You can read more about it here
http://www.carersuk.org/Newsandcampaign ... 1202218731

Thank you Matt. very sound advice Image
After my husband's accident, which was reported in the national newspapers, I had a visit from a middle aged Australian couple who claimed to be looking for the home of the McFarlane family. Being a sociable person and one who welcomes people from abroad, I invited them in for coffee and tried to help them trace the property.

The husband said he had known the founder of my husband's legal firm and had been born in the village in which it is situated. I thought at first what a coincidence it was that they had come to my door. Then he told me he was a medium and had been sent by Donald McFarlane who had died early last century!

They didn't take anything - I did give them a book about the village. I called the police after they had left. They made a return visit and I gave them short shrift!

I think they wanted to become my new best friends. They were called Chris and Eadie.
Thank you for this Matt.
I sometimes get those telephone calls were they ask you to press 9.
I just put the phone down.
I will read your information.