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long distance caring by telephone/grateful for advice - Carers UK Forum

long distance caring by telephone/grateful for advice

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Hi everyone Sue from New Zealand here; my Mum is in Lancashire; I am from Lancashire but live abroad now
does anyone have any tips on long distance caring? I have just been to the UK and am back in New Zealand. Would love to hear any book recommendations or advice you may have.Many thanks Susan
Hi Sue and welcome
It's paramount that you appoint someone 100% trustworthy to be named as Power of Attorney for mums financial and health affairs.
What is mums situation 're mental capacity?
Could you also tell us a little more about her situation so we can be more tailored in our answers?

Thank you so much for your welcome Mrs A and your great comments. My sister has the Power of Attorney for Mum's financial and health affairs; My Mum lives in sheltered accommodation ; she is 83 and has no family nearby. My sister is at the other end of the country and gets up once or twice a year , usually with her children so its a flying visit. When I visited 6 weeks ago, I saw most of my Mum's carers who go in twice a day.

My Mum
My Mum has always had a sound mental capacity but this last week when I telephoned , seemed to be almost delirious /disorientated and confused. I rang her GP and asked a GP to go out and see her; I will ring the GP today to see what they know.

The warden
My Mum's sheltered accommodation has a warden onsite Monday to Friday ; the warden has arranged for some “additional emergency care “ for my Mum through social services, that is carers go in 3 times a day for 10 days ( instead of 2); the warden has also spoken to an Occupational Therapist about the provision of a back support for my mums bed and has ordered her a headboard . The warden has raised her concerns with the GP over my Mums health. The warden has also asked about assistance with medication for which she has contacted the GP surgery and requested a blister pack

The care co-ordinator
of the carers has emailed me and has offered to answer anyof my questions and will keep in touch with me . She has left a note for all the staff who help my Mum who is struggling with her medication

I would love to see my Mum and will ask some one if we can skype when she feels better

I would love to go and see her but have only just returned from the UK; I think I am doing most things right. I would love any suggestions/thoughts many thanks Susan
It must be tough being so far away. But sounds like you are doing all you can.

Just a thought, but if she isn't up to Skyping or being on the phone at the moment, perhaps write to her more? Your post reminded me of when my sister was travelling in Australia and my Grandma was very elderly. She LOVED getting letters and post cards from her and would have everyone read them out when they went in (she was blind).

I don't know if this can be downloaded in NZ, but when we go on hols we use this app to send personal photos to family. https://www.touchnote.com/

The advantage is that it comes from the UK, so no waiting for snail mail to get across the world.
Thanks a lot Sally ; I hear what you are saying

thanks so much for the link and the idea to write more by letter; I will do this for sure
Best to you for now