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client use cannabis

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
I'm a live-in carer and I enjoy my job. Sometimes it is very hard and demanding and you meet always new challenges and not always you know how to cope with.
Recently I have a client who use to smoke cannabis and he asked me to take him to buy a new quantity to his pusher. He has a stroke so not able to use a car. He asked me to take this secret but I'm not comfortable to do that; at the same time I'm not sure to contact my company because I can lose the trust of the client.
Any advices?
Thank you
Hi Demetrio
I would definitely NOT take your client, however much you want to help. I think you should also advise your care company manager that the client has approached you in this way so they can be prepared for it to happen again. Without declaring it your insurance would not be valid, you could be held liable, you could loose your job if you were found out- it is a complete no go. IMHO
I do understand your dilemma.

Personally, I don't have a problem with people smoking dope, but I wouldn't want to be with them when they bought it or used it.

I wouldn't take him, and explain to him that you aren't willing to provide that sort of care! I would let your firm know. It could put you in a very difficult position further down the line if you aren't completely transparent. A very tough situation for you to be in, though, I hope you can get this sorted out.
Thank you for the advices.
I think is better if I contact my line manager explaining the situation also if this mean that probably my client won't me as a carer for the future.
Hello Demetrio

This forum is for is primarily to support those caring for a friend or relative in an 'unpaid' capacity.

There is a section for professional care staff on the main website and you may information more suited to your query there

I have locked this thread, as it is attracting spammers.