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Different trouser problem ! - Carers UK Forum

Different trouser problem !

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Ok I'm back for more trouser suggestions.
The latest problem is getting trousers with a wide enough leg bottom for Dad to get in and out of himself when his feet and ankles are bundled up like Mitchellin Man in District Nurses's dressings.
I can't see Dad in cut offs as he would get too cold. He's just told me he can't get into his M & S wide legged linen summer trousers so now I am stumped. Does anyone make disability clothes? Dad can't be the first to encounter this problem.
try googling "easy access mens trousers" - I got quite a few hits.

Alternatively perhaps very loose jogging bottoms > If the type with a 'cuffed' ankle then you need to cut off the elasticated part and re-hem them.
PMd you re trousers.
Not sure re advertising
Xx pet66
Pet66 wrote:Hi
PMd you re trousers.
Not sure re advertising
Xx pet66
Pet it's OK if you're just giving a link to something/someone you've found helpful :) But would be different if you were promoting a company for personal gain !
Thank-you Susieq
I PMd a couple of times on different subjects just in case. Now I know.
Thanks Susie and Pet
Dad wouldn't wear track suit type trousers so it needs to be traditional trouser looking.
I've been through quite a few disability clothing type web sites and their trousers all look useful but none wide enough around the ankle /foot so keep your thinking caps on please :D
How about traditional trousers but alter them to insert zips in the outside seam from the ankle to the knee ?

If, like me, you're rubbish at sewing most dry cleaners have an alteration service - shouldn't cost too much to do.
Hi Henrietta,
Mark used to wear trousers from the larger sportswear shops, the one you find on retail parks. They look like jogging trousers, I guess, but aren't the wooly looking ones, rather the fabric is matt black (or matt navy blue) and they have zips at the base of the legs and no elastic bottoms. Brilliant for getting on/off over bulky legbags or long johns (into which I cut slits up the legs to accomodate legbags). These type of trousers don't look especially like joggers, they are smarter than that. Mark even wore a pair to a family wedding, complete with shirt and tie and jacket and didn't look out of place at all. Some have white stripes up the sides, but they do sell plain ones.
I have used a company called Adaptawear in the past ....frankly, can't remember the precise details of OUR trouser issue ha ha but I know they resolved it. Might be worth checking them out?

(Carer to carer advertising....so I assume within the rules?)