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Dealing with Antisocial kids - Carers UK Forum

Dealing with Antisocial kids

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I live with my grandmother who has dementia. Recently we've had some problems with kids in the area playing knock and run away. It starts after dinner time and happens a couple of times a night. We live next to a lane so I've never seen anyone about when I answer so I'm not sure who it is - I'm assuming kids. Usually this wouldn't be a big deal - I'd ignore it an they'd get bored but that's not really an option now. My nana had carers come in at night so I can't ignore the door in case it's them. Plus, even if I ignore the door, my nana's getting up to answer it and getting distressed.

I've been advised that kids will be kids, etc but I don't think they realise (or maybe they do and don't care) how disturbing these things are for the elderly/people with dementia.

I don't really have the money to invest in CCTV plus we've been advised by the police at our tenants association meetings that CCTV can be a problem if you're filming a area that's not your property. Our property boundary ends as soon as you walk out our door so...

Any advice on how to deal with this? I don't know if I can get some kind of intercom where I check there's someone there before getting up?
When my disabled son had a problem at his flat - antisocial drinking up to 3am by the young tenant upstairs, the police became involved. As M has learning difficulties, it can be seen as a Hate Crime. Maybe you should point out to your local police force that there is someone disabled in the house? Also, get a "spy hole" fitted to the door so you can see who is outside.
Try a notice on the door saying 'Smile You are on camera'. Might bother small children. If they are bigger then perhaps its best to contact police. Harassment. Are neighbours getting same treatment? Anyone seen anybody? Could it possibly be a neighbour? Any particular time of day?
Cameras could be angled just to cover the front door surely?
I agree that it is 'not on' to have to suffer this annoyance. The thing is the kind of kids who think this is funny also have the kind of parents who haven't taught them better. I know it is not the thing these days to dole out a 'clip round the ear' as the old fashioned local bobby would have done many, many years ago. Child abuse now of course. However sometimes I wonder...............
Go back to the police until they make some sort of effort to help. My daughter had a lot of problems like this, culminating in vandalism and a break in. The police set up a hidden camera in a window,; it was useless but she felt something was being done
I know there have been issues with other neighbours getting their doors kicked/eggs thrown at the door/food shoved through letterboxes/etc but the police haven't done much because there's no cctv in the area so they don't know who's doing it. Our little scheme gets a lot of foot traffics from the surrounding areas from people using it to cut through to the main shops. My next doors neighbours haven't had any issues but the way my house is situated, we're right on a lane so anyone passing has an escape route.

Our front door has a window so we can see if there's anyone actually at the door before answering. It's having to run up and down all night to check whether it's a prank of if there's actually someone there. Plus the distress it causes when my nana gets all worked up.

Next time it happens I'll give phoning the police a try but I'm not holding out much hope. Our front door was vandalised with spray paint about 2 months ago and they said there wasn't much they could do because it wasn't witnessed or seen on cctv :(
Theresa_15111 wrote:Hi
I don't know if I can get some kind of intercom where I check there's someone there before getting up?
Yes, there is Theresa - it's the same sort of thing commonly used in blocks of flats.
You have can have an intercom panel fitted in any room and when the doorbell is rung you can check who is at the door before letting them in (or not as the case may be !). The more sophisticated ones can be fitted with a button which will open the door without you having to go to the door.

If you google "door intercom" you'll find lots available at varying prices.