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Dad - Saying Odd Things? - Carers UK Forum

Dad - Saying Odd Things?

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I'm sure others have experienced this. My dad who is 82 has started saying really odd things - on-site carers describe him as confused/delusional.

As an example over the phone he told me he'd just painted a picture of some jewish people, when I saw him the next day he said that jewish people had left stuff for him in the flat next door. he then asked my daughter to look for a couple of non-existant coats in a cupboard. Sounds odd but in speaking he came across as more comprehensible and logical than normal but everything he said was unreal. Spoke to his GP they said they had visited and there is nothing they can do but have offerered no diagnosis, the surgery suggested speaking with 111 which I did, they are organiding an assessment.

Any ideas on the issue its not a urinary infection is dementia a likely reality are there other possibilities? He's recently been diagnosed as a diabetic not sure if there is a connection?
Welcome to the forum. Can you tell us a bit more about dad? You mention "om site carers"?
Dad is in council supported living accomodation he has carers come in plus there are full- time carers in the complex. It is the local care beople I spokf with.
I take it you don't live nearby? He is in a very good situation, if at any time the council decide and carers decide that he can't manage there any more, then residential care will be the only option left, and they should know what to do.
However, I would suggest that you make an initial look at the homes in dad's area, and decide which ones dad would be happy in, or not, making sure that they will take council funded patients. You need to make sure they take EMI (Elderly Mentally Infirm) patients, and would be able to care for dad, whatever happens, until he dies.
I'm sure you're thinking this is something to look at in the future, but the nicest homes have the longest waiting lists. Dad may muddle along like he is for a long time, with no problem, or he might take a "nose dive" especially if he has other problems too.
My mum in law had dementia, father in law resisted all my encouragement to look at what was available locally - a good home between his house and the village, less than half a mile away in one direction. A mile in the other direction was another good home. He refused to look at them.
Ultimately, mum in law fell and needed a skin graft in hospital. She was discharged suddenly, he had an awful night with her, hopelessly disorientated, and the following day she was an emergency admission to a home. BUT the nearest home was about 14 miles away, and he'd given up driving!
This caused the whole family endless problems, don't let it happen to you. Much better to plan ahead.
Hello John
If the odd sayings are of fairly rapid, recent onset, as well as double and triple checking for a uti, I'd also ask medics to check his diabetes. Poorly controlled diabetes can cause delirium.

Thanks both responses make sense. I live about 30 miles away and see him regularly.. Up until now he has said strange things to my sister but I'd seen none of it until recently. I wonderered about the diebetis as it was undiagnosed untl the last month. I think a nursing home is inevitable znd he'll need to fund it. However, presume if he's ill we are talking more health care.