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Voice recognition software

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Does anyone use voice recognition software to save their fingers from typing?
Hi bowling bun

This is not something I've ever used myself. Googling around it seems that Voice Recognition programs didn't really take off because of a lack of accuracy.

You can get something for as little as £80. (Hm, perhaps not so 'little' :shock: ). I'm assuming you want it as an adjunct to typing not that you cannot type at all? so could you compensate and just do a couple of hand-typed corrections as necessary?

You might have to invest in a microphone, too.

Good luck!
I'm a touch typist with arthritic fingers. Happy to invest in something that really works, just don't want to get something that frustrates me. I have a clear speaking voice.
I have tried it and it was good, but I never trained it properly and started using it because I type into very complex translation memory software. However, I know a number of translators who use Dragon Dictate and they get on very well indeed. Some say they can work faster with it. In the old days, some would translate and send out tapes, but nowadays speech recognition software has come on in leaps and bounds. You do have to train it by correcting fairly often but I think only for the first few days. Here's a 2013 blog post by someone I don't know! She is using it on a Mac but most use it on Windows (I run Windows on a Mac)
https://untangledtranslations.wordpress ... for-mac-3/
I do often think about using it for my work, but I have to update Windows and Word and two other programs so it gets put at the bottom of the list.
I'm a fast touch typist too, but so are most of these translators.
I don't think Starfish is up to date with voice recognition not taking off. It has improved a lot. But some do use additional microphones, that's true. You would have to try that out. I suspect built-in microphones may have improved too. But I can ask on a translators' mailing list about microphones. There is even a mailing list for voice recognition software.
I already hve a headset which I used when Skyping my brother when he was ill in Uruguay.