Coping with long hair in a hospital bed

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Nikiya wrote:
Wed Dec 05, 2018 1:07 am
5 weeks on, I'm pleased to report that my friend's situation has improved greatly since my initial post ( ... eded-34798) but I wonder if I could trouble you for some advice? She's been trying to do her physio by pulling herself up the hospital bed using the rails on either side, but no matter what she does with it (plait, bun, ...) her long hair always seems to get in the way and badly and painfully yanked when she does so. Has anyone found an effective way of dealing with this? She's threatening to get it all cut off if she can't find a solution, and that would be such a shame.
Hi buddy, I really sympathize with your friend and I beg her to do nothing with her hair. She was lucky that she still had hair after such a hemorrhage in the brain. I just didn’t appreciate my hair before, but everything changed when I started allopecia and my hair began to fall out. After I realized that no medicine was helping me, I decided to take extreme measures and began to think about the operation. I read about hair transplant turkey and decided to try, despite the great risk. I am grateful to God that everything went well and that I now have the same hair as before. So let her value her hair and take care of it, otherwise it will be too late.