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Moving in wheelchair, Eun

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Hi Eun, reading your posting on the Continence Service heading and about you having to move your son back in his wheelchair. Every time hubby is put into his chair, either from the hoist to the chair in the morning, or from the car to the chair or just if he spasms and slides down it, the PA or I have to move him back in his chair. Have you been shown how to do it easily? I've never been officially shown ANYTHING, but have watched the trained PAs do it and listened to hubby telling me how to do things. We do it by grabbing a load of trouser material at one side, pulling that side back and then doing the same on the other side. If we do it in the middle, his trousers just end up round his tackle and cuts him in half! People not in the know, just think that wheelchair-bound folk just sit there all day ........... er, no they don't .... they move around loads and get themselves into uncomfortable positions, like when hubby's legs spasm and jump up, and need putting back in place. Every time we have to reposition him, we sit him forward and hold him with one arm whilst 'pulling him back' with the other. Strangers think he's being sick!!!
Look after yourself and take care with these physical things. Love Fran xxx

I was shown by 'professionals' how to lift Mum from the bed to the chair, you are better off teaching yourself though for the waste of time that it was Image These people don't live in the real world.

Dear Fran

Thanks for asking - no one has ever shown us how to do it we taught ourselves through trial and error. All the OT ever said was you shouldn't pull him back at all. So he is just supposed to sit there in discomfort all day? No chance.

A lot of the pulling back has been cut out since Rob got his tilt in space chair which means he can change position himself when he wants (although we still have to take the footplate off and let his leg swing now and again to relieve his pins and needles).

Another thing which has been a big help is that he now uses sheaths and a leg bag so he can wee when he wants now and doesn't have to ask us to get the urine bottle. (although because he knows it bugs me he will shake his leg at the dinner table and you hear it sloshing about, I tell him to pack it in and he sits and laughs!) Another good thing is that the leg with the pee in the bag stays warmer at the football or so he tells me!

All the best

The problem we have with son is that he gets kidney stones. We went to the hospital a couple of weeks ago and he was supposed to get a scan on his bladder but the hoist was out of order and when they requested that hubby and I lift him, we refused.

It would have been extremely dangerous - Rob has been assessed as needing a hoist and two workers to perform lifts and they expect hubby and I to do it on our own. I am not Xena warrior princess and hubby is not Hercules!

Th Dr is now talking aboiut putting a camera up through the end of the dangly bit to perform a scan on the bladder. Son is refusing point blank to let them do that and we can't force him as he's nearly 24.

Touchwood he hasn't had a problem for 18 months but the doctor says the problem is they don't know what may be lurking in there. She told us to give him a huge dose of vitamin C every day which apparently makes the urine more acidic and stops the small stones he passes from clumping into a big one. (It has the added effect of boosting his immune system which can't be bad.)

He is willing to go through an external scan but not this internal one. Huh, its a lot worse being a woman and having smear tests - now he would know what we have to go through!

Can't the hospital ring you with another appointment when their hoist is fixed? Our spinal unit wouldn't dream of moving someone without one, not safe, like you say. Hubby has to have one of those scan things up his willy and he finds it painful even through the local anaesthetic, he'd rather have an MRI scan or a ultrasound scan. Hubby has a tilt in space chair too, Quickie F55, but he still slides down it when his legs jump: they do it when he's cold, or when he's got a crease in his trousers or long johns under his bum, or when he moves the chair too suddenly, or when he sneezes (or tries to) and each time it makes him slide down. I'm glad the sheaths and legbags are working for you, hubby's always had them, they make life so much easier (although, as I've said before, I'm rubbish at putting the STICKY sheaths on). Funnily enough, he says the same about keeping his leg warm. He wears long johns in the winter? or whenever it's cold (it's May and he's still wearing them) under his trousers. We thought it was a bit 'grandad-ish' at first, but then nobody actually knows about this (UNTIL NOW!!!) and he has been a grandad for the past 20 months anyway. I mean they do keep his legs warm and nobody can see them under his trousers. We cut a slit in the side of one of the legs, so that there is no pressure on the legbag underneath, because we found that they were such a snug fit that it was causing too much pressure on the bag and he couldn't wee. Just a little slit up the seam of the long johns' leg and it works a treat. Lots of love, Fran xxx
Believe it or not Fran the appointment was actually at the spinal injuries unit and we waited for an hour to be seen only to find they couldn't do anything while junior was in his chair. They did try to do it with a small portable unit but he has somewhat of a little pot belly and they couldn't get under it to do the scan properly. They will call us back in six weeks to try again but I don't know if jr will go - she's (the dr) frightened the life out of him with talk of the camera!

How Rob keeps warm when he goes to the football in the winter is by using the hand warmers that you heat up in a pot of water and I wrap his lower half in the silver survival blankets that you can buy in camping shops for a fiver and sometimes a blanket over that if it is really cold.

He looks like a large turkey ready for the oven but he is probably the warmest person at the game!

I don't want you to feel that I'm getting too personal but we find if we shave jr down below the sticky sheaths adhere more easily and we get leaks if we don't shave him.

All the best

Hey Eun, We have to do that shaving lark too. Too many delicate hairs get pulled by the sticky stuff anyway.
At our spinal unit, because of infection transferance and all that, they have to use a different (newly laundered) sling for each patient....... Oh dear me! ..... they don't have that many SPARE slings, whilst the others are in the wash!!!!!!! Two weeks' ago, hubby went to have a renogram and they asked us if we'd brought a sling with us. Er, well no, of course not, they're a hospital and should have their own slings (whatever next?!). Should I have packed one in the car? Should I have brought the trailer with us, to transport our own hoist, too? They managed to 'find' one, which was too small, so hubby had difficulty keeping balanced in it as it didn't support him properly. They were trying to lift him onto the bed to go down to the X-ray department ... all in a mad rush. Result, hubby nearly slid out of the wheelchair and onto the floor because they didn't block his knees when they were putting the sling under his legs and nearly fell out of the sling afterwards, as it was too small. Rush, rush, rush.
I've not been told not to lift hubby back in his chair by anyone, how can they tell you that? Image It just shows how little understanding these working, paid people have. At times I wish I were one of them, clock off, go home, get paid, have holidays - great.