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Nightmare looking for Travel Insurance - Carers UK Forum

Nightmare looking for Travel Insurance

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Hello, I’m new to the forum, if I’m not posting into the correct topic please move!

I never realised with travel insurance that if I had to cancel my holiday due to my partner having Pre existing illnesses, I would lose the holiday money.

Can anyone recommend an insurer who may specialise more in this area, I am desperate for a holiday,having reached a meltdown earlier on this year.

Best wishes to everyone
Hi Anita ... welcome to the forum.

Internet search ... TRAVEL INSURANCE PRE EXISTING CONDITION ... throws up numerous links and the online supermarkets.

https://www.google.com/search?q=travel+ ... =firefox-b

As all are commercial sites , caveat emptor ... buyer beware ?
Hi Anita,

Don't despair, you should still be able to go. I have a few health issues, I think mine cost about £100 for 12 months. I go away several times a year. Will find the policy for you this evening and let you know who tomorrow evening. Some of the insurers call centres were really, really dreadful!
Hello again
I have been looking hard but can’t find any insurance group to cover for my stay at home partner.
Unless he had something else wrong that was not pre existing. I can get lots of travel options for myself as I have thankfully two pre existing things, one being my under active thyroid.
But the small print says it will not cover a person like a family member who stays at home.

Only thing I can see is some will cover a death :( It is so technical and all the t&c’s is mind boggling.
One company states if when you booked the holiday the cared for person wasn’t showing signs of deteriorating. He was pretty good thankfully, but you have to get a Doctors letter to state that if anything before/after the holiday happened.

He has so many ailments, the worst being Parkinson’s, well vascular Parkinson’s.
He had a fall in March broke his hip.
Best wishes