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Cold hands

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What's the best thing for keeping Mum's hands warm. She's always complaining of cold hands due to poor circulation. Hot water bottle works well, but I'm not there every hour to re-fill it.

I've heard the gel or wheat filled bags that you can put in the microwave are good, but where can I buy one?
I don't have a lot of experience with wheat bags, but you can buy these small (well, hand sized) pads full of gel that you click a small metal thing inside and they warm right up. Once they're cold you boil them and they reset / recharge.
You could try a google search. Unfortunately I can't recommend any companies as I can't remember where we got ours from (actually I think they were a gift).

I love wheatie bags and use them loads in the winter and for aches and pains too. They are heated in the microwave - but it is imperative to pop a little bowl of water in the microwave too to prevent it over heating/smoking/catching fire.

You can buy them online - e.g. https://www.coziewarmers.co.uk/Squidgit_Handwarmers This is just an e.g. you would need to compare prices and delivery costs or from somewhere like boots closer to Christmas. Lots of gift type shops and garden centres etc do them too.

Hi Brenda

I've found the microwaveable wheatie bags in Boots and even in our local linens shop ! They're usually in the same area of the store that you find standard hot water bottles.

The gel filled hand warmers (that Bertiebear mentioned) are often found in sports shops - that's where I bought the last ones I got for my great-nephew to use when he plays rugby through the winter months.

If you can't find them locally have a look on Amazon, have a look here http://www.amazon.co.uk/Magic-Gel-Reusa ... B000MU4IJ2
We actually got the wheat bags from our local bargain books for about £3.00 each. With regard to the handwarmers where you click the button they can be purchased from the shops that sell camping gear. I also bought my husband ones in a lined tin that you light charcoal in and then slip in a velvet bag and they keep the heat in for a long time. Junior also uses the silver survival blankets when at the football and it keeps him warm as toast.

Alcohol stimulates peripheral circulation, so a wee brandy probably wont do any harm. Well, my granny relied on it, and she lived to 89.
After going to the rather chilly Rangers v Liverpool match on Wednesday night with my caree, I think I might invest in Eun's space-age blanket though, as they don't like people to take alcohol to the matches. Image Image
Hello BJB,

I was looking through a brochure, that came in the newspaper thios morning, it had 'Hot Water Bottle Hand Warmer'. Not a proper hot water bottle, but, these are instant, the heart pads can be used over and over again. Just press the matal disc inside the pad (hot water bottle), and a molecular actiom is trigered, causing the contence to heat up for about 20 minutes.

You could use this link: http://www.theoriginalgift.co.uk to have a look and see what you think.

PS the cost is about £8 for a pair.
Its normally about £7 or £8 for one survival blanket from the camping shops but I managed to pick up a pack of two in one of the £1 shops - don't know what they are like yet though as we haven't opened them yet - still using the camp shop one from a year or two back - they last for ages.
Thanks all - what a lot of good advice.
I hadn't even thought about the silver blankets for keeping her body warm. At the moment she is surrounded by a single duvet and fleece throw.
Good tip about the alcohol too. She loves her glass of 'Old Westminster cream'. Trouble is she forgets she's had a glass, then pours herself another one - or two! Perhaps she hasn't got dementia, just permanently tipsy!!!!
I like the comfort of a fleece. My fleecy dressing gown has long sleeves ... oops, I have short arms.. so am often found using the arms as a muff.

The fleecy snuggle blankets are popular this year and are big enough to keep hands inside and just slip them out to do things. They tidy up into a cushion when not in use. JML make them, Factory Shop sell them cheap!

Take care