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Make do Glide Sheet? - Carers UK Forum

Make do Glide Sheet?

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Having to spend a fortune buying an electric profiling bed for mum, cant get a hospital bed from the DN's, so cash is tight. I remember using a glide sheet for my father 13 years ago, but dont have it anymore. I dont know if Mother will let me use it, she gets very frightened thinking she is going to fall or be dropped, although she never has. i was thinking of what I could use as a substitute, rather than part with what little cash we have and find out it will never be used.
Has anyone come up with any ideas?
When my son goes to Rachel House Children's Hospice, before they purchased a slidey sheet they used to use a flat sheet on top of the fitted sheet and used that to move him about the bed. As my son is a big 24 year old, that seemed to work ok.

At home we have in the past used the extra thick garbage bags for garden rubbish that you get in the pound shop. We recently got a slidey sheet from the SW's OT (after waiting about 5 years for a new one!)

thanks for that,
I've got some heavy duty bin bags, I'll give one of them a go this evening.
thanks again Image
Hi Kitty

we have a plasticised waterproof mattress cover that would do the trick as it's very tough and isn't likely to tear as you try to move Mum - if you do go for the bin bag option try to get the ones used for bagging up builders rubble, they are much much stronger than the ones normally used for household rubbish.
That's right Susieq the green ones we have are actually for rubble when I checked the packaging - not for garden rubbish.

You should be able to get a proper slide sheet via the DNs, using an ordinary sheet is an alternative but it does not slide as well as the slide sheet, is harder to remove afterwards and can cause friction burns. We also have a glide and lock sheet which has a breathable waterproof cover which is left in place and prevents slipping in a bed or chair once the person is positioned, this was supplied by the NHS via the DNs, I simply told them that we needed one and it arrived a few days later.
I know a few carers who - when stuck - have used the heavy duty bags. They're not quite as good as the real thing but still worth using.

I would strongly advise you speak to the District Nurses to obtain a glide sheet, its something most DN's or OT's should always have in stock.

Another thought - what about obtaining a small camping 'ground sheet' from somewhere like an army & navy which should cost under £10. and should be thicker than bin bags. Probably one for a 2man tent would be big enough.
I agree, ask the District Nurses for one. Wish we'd done that, our new one has just cost over £20.
It should be used under a draw-sheet though, not directly in touch with skin.
Ask the DNs - it's a moving and handling issue after all (use official terms with 'em all, cos they understand those important phrases).
Somebody asked me what my moving and handling procedure was once ...... I didn't have a clue what they were on about! Like hubby's some sort of parcel. Image
What bugs me is when they go on their daft "Lifting and Handling" courses where they practice on each other. It is not the same as working with a disabled person. Also not every disabled person is handled in the same way either.

Rob has a special muscular dystrophy sling designed for someone with DMD who has had a spinal fusion and you wouldn't believe the number of so called professionals who have not got a clue how to use it.

Out of his group of pals with DMD they all have different needs as well, some are overweight, some underweight, some have had the spinal fusion operation (like Rob), some have not. Roberts friend Richard who passed away last month was physically lifted by his dad and didn't use a sling and a hoist at all - they are all different so how can a "one size fits all" approach possibly work?

Professionals - phooey Image