Kitchen Cupboards

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Hi All

This is my first posting ever on line so here goes - not sure I have the right interpretation of the forum but anyway ...

K is for Kitchen Cupboards

Mine have stayed the same for the last 8 years. My mum has dementia and we have found that by keeping things in the same place in the same cupboard, helps her to remember where things are.

When the dementia got worse - we even put pictures on the outside
Welcome, Stella. Hope you enjoy the forum, and thanks for the tip - it's exactly the kind of thing that might help another carer in the same situation.
Welcome from me too Stella!

Really pleased to have you onboard!

I hope that you will find the forum helpful and supportive. Look forward to you posts.

Take care
Maryann x
Hi Stella

Firstly welcome to the forum!

That's a great tip, I did something similar for Mum before her eyesight sadly faded away, she couldn't fathom the microwave while I was at work so I put coloured dots next to the buttons then typed a corresponding list complete with dots, enlarged in on the photocopier and put it on the wall next to the microwave - it did actually work!

Paula xx