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Cleaning smell of human waste from home - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Cleaning smell of human waste from home

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
I'm baffled if carers can't cope with human excrement. To my mind, it's the doctor who determines you need pads and then you can get urinary/excrement pads via NHS. My mother's carers disposed of the pads in the bin outside. I treated the occasional urine leakage on carpet with enzymatic pet cleaner. There are electric ionic air cleaners that can clean the air.
Have you weighed up the pros and cons of living in an appropriate nursing home when you are especially ill?
Where you could have nursing staff available 24/7? Then not only someone to clean you up, but someone to talk to as well?
Is that not better than your current situation?
Thanks for the info Chris re CHC, Im going to look into it

Yes, the pads are prescribed via the continence service who work in conjunction with urology and gastro and district nursing.

Rosemary, putting them in the bin outside constitutes cleaning/housework when they cover personal care only.

Part of what has brought me to this post apart from how to clean the house when I am moving house to get the smell out, is a couple of friends are travelling next week to come and visit and to be completely honest Im embarrassed about the smell of the house as soon as the front door is opened.

I've done the airing it out by getting the windows opened to the point that Im freezing (I find it difficult to keep warm at best of times, even last summer while generally people roasted, I had an electric radiator on in the bedroom as was freezing),

Air fresheners only do so much and when commode is emptied down the loo I often end up asking them to actually flush the toilet afterwards and put on the extractor fan in the bathroom, half filling the commode bucket with water and throwing it down the toilet doesnt flush it away so even when in the loo, it can stink

Sorry I disappeared for ages, my laptop crashed and needed to cool down before switching on again, it's my lifeline
Bowlingbun, yes I have looked into what's available in my area and it would mean giving up any chance of living independently, my fiance is ill too, we both became ill about 2 years into the relationship but the conditions were starting to show themselves when we got together.

Longer term we are hoping to be able to live together and get married, and if I go into a nursing home, that's over (hopefully not the relationship but spending nights together)

From previous experience of nursing home, I am mentally compus mentus and with it, I was treated like a complete imbecile cos I was a respite patient, I didn't get a place at a table in the dining room as I wasnt a resident so had to eat alone in my room,

My pharmacist rang me to ask why doubles of drugs was being ordered as this was unusual and when I enquired from a nurse who had been ordering my meds, it wasnt anything to concern myself with and that I shouldn't be talking to the pharmacist about this, it was the pharmacist rang my mobile.

My cat would have to be rehomed and she is my baby. I want to keep any semblance of life and independence and avoid nursing home, the second one I stayed in for respite was nicer than the first but still, I wouldn't want to be there permanently

The first NH the one I was offered a place in, nearly had a fit when I said my friend was going to take me in my chair down to the local shop (about 200m away), the manager wouldn't let me leave until she got permission from SW as I wasnt going out with a member of my family. I would have been back in less than 30 mins, The SW gave go ahead if I wanted to go out.

The 2nd one, I was allowed to come and go as I wanted and go out (shock) alone, to use to NH office wifi as long as the code wasnt passed on, they set it up on the laptop for me so I didn't even have the code. I don't have the money to do the top up to it if SS was to fund it,

In a way, Im hoping that with rehab, a possible operation for tumour over, house move to accessible place an electric wheelchair in due course that things will get better and that I might be able to get a team of carers together via direct payments but in the meantime, I need to get rid of the stink in the house here and hopefully get moved to new home.

I don't want to go to a nursing home unless there are absolutely no other options as I would be quite a distance from my family and my friends who are currently local to me bar the ones who are coming to visit next week.
Sorry to hear the carers consider putting the pads in the outside bin to be housework, not personal care. Mum had personal care visits four times daily for over a year from four different care agencies. For the vast majority of the visits the carers took out the pads in small kitchen bin bags and dropped the bag in the dustbin on their way out.
Febreze air heavy duty. Spray generously and frequently and preferably don't stay in the room for a while as it smells pretty strong itself but it does do the job when needed. It sounds like the services in your area are appalling. You need to read up on your rights eg mental capacity, the right to make "unwise" decisions, deprivation of liberty, equality rights, human rights and if necessary assertiveness training to get those rights.

Good luck with the wedding. I hope you have a happy marriage.
Thank you all.

Its horrible at this stage and Im biting my tongue constantly but trying to focus on the longer term, I want to get a semblence of life back.

I dont want to smell my own waste all the time, its an ongoing situation and thank you all for the advice.

I have someone working on it with me now but until I have the rehab (waiting on a bed) but will be this year, the tumour operation over, house move and all that done, I then need to try and see where things are at re trying to hire re direct payments. My brother has now agreed to run the package long distance as the SW doesnt think I can.

I can literally hand the house back as it is once I have stripped my stuff out of it, however, I wouldn't like to get a house back that smelled and as a council tenant I wouldn't like to be the next tenant coming into a stinking house.

Thank you nhshater, the wedding won't be for a couple of years yet no particular year in mind. No big day for us, our plan is going to registry office with immediate family and get married then for a meal afterwards in a local pub. Back home in a couple of hours. It's not about the day for us (I know it is for some), its about the marriage and long term commitment. We are now together 14 years and have been thru hell and back together (things that would have broken many couples up), the secret so far is not living together as it means we both have space and he visits often.
Hi there, I had this problem with my mum as she wouldn’t wear her pads and so did what ever she needed anywhere. The carers cleaned to a point but once social services became involved they arranged (at cost to my mum) a deep clean of the house which has got rid of the smells. The carers are now supplied by the council ( partly self funded still) and the care plan includes three hours cleaning a week to keep the house nice. Maybe ask your social worker if she knows any deep cleaning company that could help you. For a three bed house the cost was approx £400. Hope this helps and good luck with your move.x