Christmas is coming.....

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Via Facebook I've just read some hints and tips for surviving Christmas, but I'm afraid they really annoyed me.
I would love to have a Christmas when I could have a lazy morning, cook dinner, have a few drinks and curl up in front of the fire in a mellow mood. The reality with a son who is 38, mental age of 3, is that as soon as I flush my toilet (from the sound of the water pipes) he's hovering outside my bedroom door, and I don't get a minute to myself until I go to my room at night.
On a normal week, he attends various day services, yet virtually all of them close over Christmas, and Social Services just assume that I will fill in all the gaps, for free, saving them a fortune in the process. The Care Act says SSD should be paying me, but they don't. Carers are modern day slaves. Whilst everyone else takes it easy, we work even harder.
Woe betide anyone who has the misfortune to be admitted to hospital over Christmas. Most of the consultants won't be seen until after the New Year!
Yes BB,
If I had to sum up Christmas I'd say it's "exhausting." S will be home 24/7, no clubs/ day service etc for a fortnight. Everywhere is closed or too crowded. The weather isn't great and daylight hours are short. He is excited and anxious and I'm tired and there is no chance of chilling ...