Charities to help with garden costs?? any ideas

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Your best bet would probably be to start with a letter from your son's consultant to support your application for a DFG as his condition will not be one that many OTs have come across. I believe that the rules changed two or three years ago and DFGs for children are no longer means-tested. Trying to get a DFG is worth trying I would have thought. Other sources of grants might be trade/profession-related charities, they will sometimes give grants to families where a member has worked in a particular trade or profession.
If there is any family connection to the armed forces SSAFA charity may be able to help fund the garden renovations. It can be as far back as a great grandfather for instance.

Why not try one of the TV programmes who do garden make-overs? I know it`s not an instant fix, but is should be high on their list of brownie pointed projects if it is helping a young family play safely.

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Thanks thats interesting, my grandad(still alive) was in the Navy, and i'm not sure if it counts but 3 uncles were in the army, got a cousin in the marines??

Do they have a web address i could have a look at?
Hi mspig


Have sent them an e-mail, thanks again.