Catheter advice (male)

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I will just add the things im after help with just to make it a bit simple as some long pages.

1.....Blocked.....other ways to prevent to dilute Debris/crust inside tube and ways to unblock apart from fluid wash.
2.....PUBS......purple bag,ways to help or stop it or find out is the Diet wrong so i can add or change food/fluid.
this goes off if new catheter fitted then back in 5 days after...urine samples say normal but doing another.
not medication as had it for just over a year and never had it before and same meds.

Edited...........Just taken water sample up 11/3/19......spoke to GP last week and said when purple comes back bring one.

I wish there was a person to talk to on this as is this day and age you would of thought as people are living longer and so many elderly with a catheter but just cant leave the house or other problems that they cant get out just for advice.
In this case a Urologist just to ask why blocking now and not 2 years ago and the purple bag,doctor says just keep up having it flushed and changed if needed and he will send a letter on the purple bag,we will see but i know why will be said.
Never knew there was catheters which are sort term that are changed either days or every day on if needed,like in left then out in a few hours to stop water retention.