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cars and wheelchairs

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Following my husband's amputation we need a new car. I drive a picanto, not practical for him, a wheelchair and a car seat for my little one.

He was measured for a wheelchair today and we think the one we'll get will fold up. I need a car we can get this into the boot of. As he will eventually get a new foot and the car is primarily to get me to work I don't want to get a wheelchair adapted one.

I need a car that is small enough to park outside my terrace house but big enough to take a wheelchair. What do other people use?


i have a nissan qashqui[spelling]
i love it as to get the wheelchair out from the boot it is a straight lift only over a 2/3inch lip no lifting to much or bending to much as the car sits nice and high on the road, due to it having high profile wheels instead of the usual low profile. it is an adult sized chair ,with addaptions to extend the back and it lies flat in the boot so noworries about it falling over and damaging the car. it has big wide doors in the front although neat in the back but once in very very roomy .again being on high profile wheels getting in the seat is easy bum in and twist NO dropping into a seat that is hard to get back out of.

have a look at there web site,
We currently have a Renault Megane hatchback which accomodates the wheelchair (folded) in the boot but leaves no room for anything else and with my wife and 3 kids that can be a bit problematic! We have ordered a Vauxhall Zafira on my wife's DLA Mobility and it should arrive in 2 weeks. When we went looking at cars we took my wife's wheelchair and scooter to "test drive" the boot space on ALL makes and models. The Zafira offered the most space, the most flexibility and, for me, the highest spec for the advance payment we could afford. If the Zafira is a little big for your needs it might be worth you looking at the SEAT Altea XL. It came a credible second on our wish list but had only 5 seats not 7. Great boot space but without the large body of the Zafira.
Good luck with your search.
I heartily endorse Ndem's comments. You must take wheelchair and hubby to look at new vehicles. We do it everytime, hubby has a 150kg Quickie F55 chair, which comes apart and has to be driven up ramps into the back of the car (you can't lift it!). AND the doors have to open wide enough, we all know that one. But also, with us, because we have to support hubby on the sliderboard getting in/out of the car, we have to clamber over the driver's seat onto the passenger seat to do this. We then have to clamber back over the other way, whilst still supporting him on the board, sliding him out of the chair into the seat. A lot of cars these days have a REALLY HIGH TUNNEL, which is difficult or impossible to 'clamber over' whilst supporting him. The only car which we could cope with AND fit the wheelchair into the boot of is a Volvo V70, bit bigger than you're looking for, I know, but it's the logistics I'm on about. The first thing I used to do, when looking at new cars in showrooms or wherever was open the front doors and physically 'clamber' from the drivers seat onto the passenger seat and back. I used to get some funny looks, but if I couldn't do it, then it's no good to us - end of story. Good luck with your search, we know how difficult it is and how people don't understand. Take everything with you though and work out how you're going to fit your daughter's stuff in too. Image Image
thanks for your comments, thats been very helpful.

We had a nissan sunny (until last week when we exchanged it for a wheel chair access Kangoo) and I used to get the wheelchair in the boot with a little bit of room to spare and before that the mobility scooter, still with room to spare.
We have a Skoda Octavia hatchback. I borrowed a folding wheelchair from the Red Cross this past weekend and it fit in the back easily. Wheelchair was a bit heavy though and was a bit harder for me to lift up than I would like - so just as a suggestion it is a good idea to consider not just the space, but how easy it is to get something in the car.

My husband's small mobility scooter also fits in the back of the Skoda. The scooter comes apart.