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carrying a folding walking on a powerchair. - Carers UK Forum

carrying a folding walking on a powerchair.

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Later in the year I hope to take my other half on holiday,he has a F16 powerchair,because of his poor mobility he now needs to use a walking frame, he also has a three wheeled walker,and will need to carry the frame with him on the wheelchair, I think the tri walker would be too heavy,and I need to find a way of securing the frame to the chair safely, I can only think of using those stretchy luggage straps, I have been looking on the Internet,but there only seems to be frame carriers to use with scooters, any suggestions would be most welcome, I have not come up against this problem before,as until June of last year he was able to just use a walking stick. Image
Paws, hello and welcome (as the phrase goes!). Hubby has a Quickie F55 powered chair, can't use anything else, he'd fall out as has no balance. Anyway, what about a ratchet strap? Now, I don't mean one of those dirty great big artic lorry type of things, but you can buy little, narrow ones about an inch wide. One of those would probably do, or even two if you like. They can be found at places like Screwfix (see online under 'builders tools, load handling' section) or other such DIY places in the tools section. And they can be cut to whatever length you need them to be, they are usually very long, just cut them shorter. I use ratchet straps all the time for the vintage engines in the trailer (don't want 3/4 ton cast iron moving about in the back), so I know how versatile they are. Go and have a look at some and see what you think. Might even find some in B&Q or Homebase, but Screwfix definately do them.
Hi Frandrake,what a brilliant idea to use ratchet straps, they would certainly be more secure that the stretchy luggage straps, I have looked on the Internet at Screwfix and other sites and they are easily obtainable. thank you so much for the information.
I am intrigued by your mention of vintage engines,do you show stationary engines at Ag shows and Rallies.?
Hi Paws, glad you found the information helpful, just don't overtighten them or compromise the stability of the chair or the frame, you know etc etc etc Yep, that's exactly what we do, take them to Vintage Rallies, get into the engine line, start them up (well I can only manage one at a time) and then sit and chat with all our mates and chat to the visiting public over the fence. It's hard work for me, hubby and I used to go on our own, but I can't cope alone anymore with him, so our PA comes with us now. Where do you live? You may even have seen us!!
I have sent you a PM frandrake.
Have you found any ratchet straps?
Yes Fran I ordered them online from Ireland and they are great much better and safer that the stretchy luggage straps,OH has a Batricar as well as a power chair and the ratchet straps are ideal for fixing his frame to the back of that , what a brilliant idea of yours I would never have thought of them x Image