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Carpet cleaning

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Can anybody recommend a carpet cleaning machine for the home? My problem is that our bathroom is too small for washing my wife easily, so she sits on one of those plastic shower chairs in the bedroom while I wash her. When this has been done various creams and ointments have to be applied to her body. With the benefit of hindsight, we should have used a protective rug in this area, but we didn't. Spillages and and so on have combined to mark the carpet rather badly and spot cleaning hasn't worked. Our living room carpet is suffering, too - the route taken by District Nurses when they visit my wife is clearly marked! I have looked at the Vax Dual Power Max Carpet Cleaner and this may be suitable, but if anybody is able suggest something based on their own practical experience, I shall be grateful.

I hope I haven't breached any guidelines by mentioning a particular product - I have looked at the possibility of hiring a machine, but in the long run it will be cheaper to buy one. And getting in a professional will not be practical because my wife's problems are a bit unpredictable and working around her needs is easier for me, rather than imposing this on a stranger.

On another topic, some time ago I found here some advice which we have found especially useful - that is, using a wireless door bell to ensure my wife is able to let me know easily when she needs me. I have taken to carrying the chime bit in my pocket while my lady keeps the push button by her side and I have found it works well even when I have to go outside to tidy up the garden. I haven't been able to find the original posting which offered this suggestion, so belated thanks to whoever suggested this - it has made a massive difference to my peace of mind. Mind you, sometimes I feel like the second assistant under-footman in Downtown Abbey. Although he did get some time off!
Personally, I wouldn't bother with a carpet cleaner myself - they are vey expensive and a lot of effort to use. I'd just get professional carpet cleaners in (ie, other people!) to clean the affected carpets with their big powerful industrial strength machines, and then make sure you put down protective coverings etc subsequently.

Others may have a more favourable opinion of clearnign your own carpets yourself!!
I have a domestic carpet cleaner (I cannot manage anything as heavy as the hire machines). However, it does leave the carpet quite wet - in other words, the suction is not good enough at collecting the waste water. That means the carpet takes a while to dry and it's best if I can leave doors/windows open while it does. So I suggest checking reviews carefully if you can't afford to take the rooms out of action for long.
I suspect it's the wrong colour carpet that is the real problem. In the long run it may be cheaper to buy a sythetic scrubbable carpet with a pattern on it that doesn't show the marks.
Hi Alan,
I too reckon you are better getting the carpets cleaned the once and then protecting them thereafter. A carpet runner type mat, the sort they make for dogs would be great for the district nurses route and even spreading some large bath towels on the bedroom floor would prevent spills and splashes. If you have the energy, hiring a carpet cleaner and doing it yourself would probably be least disruptive. Perhaps over a weekend so the district nurses aren't traipsing over the carpet before it is dry.

Thanks to all of you for your advice. I suspect when the carpet is replaced it will be darker and patterned rather than the beige one we have now. Shows every mark. I will check out drying times for the cleaner I have in mind - so long as it will dry within the day, we should be all right.

I will keep in mind the possibility of using a professional but the problem is booking a day and time ahead without knowing for certain my wife will be able to vacate the room for the time needed to do the job. I shall be able to be more flexible and just do the job on a "good day".
I agree the professionals are best.
Google for them in your area and either just choose one (which is what I did) or ask for some quotes.
One word of warning - the machine they use is very noisy which might upset your wife unless you are able to take her to another room. The firm I used had a kind of hose from their van which they used to put detergent into the carpet, then they rinsed it and then used a suction to get rid of the water. All the dirty water went into a container in their van and they took it away.
They were very quick and efficient and the room smelled really 'clean' afterwards, also the carpet was almost dry too. I appreciate the problem with good and bad days and haven't an answer as we don't know your circumstances....... are there times when its totally impossible for her to be moved to somewhere else? You can get a wheeled commode from social services which has a cusion seat so you can use it as a wheelchair. We've found it invaluable and all you have to do is ask (don't ask = don't get).
I was well impressed with the carpet cleaners. Worth every penny (I can't remember how much but I don't remember being shocked at the cost).
I think they were called Carpet Doctor - and they were a countrywide company.
If it is at all possible, get rid of the carpets and get some easy to clean flooring. Try those click floor boards.
When you are caring for someone you need something that is easy to clean not something that takes up your time and energy in cleaning.
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