Caring making me unwell - need advice

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Sorry, I somehow missed the fact that the OT had suggested the bath seat!! However, I would suggest that your husband might like to see and feel one in action, they just fit directly in the bath, and there's a rechargeable handset. My mum didn't live with me, so I never saw it in action, but I know she used it right up to the day she went into hospital, and was then transferred into a nursing home. Mum was very, very disappointed that the hospital didn't have a similar seat so she could have a bath.
BB - sounds like bath seat already installed and wet room refused.
Hi Mary Poppins
Glad to hear the new gadgets are helping you.
I don't believe that carers should suffer for their art, so start practising saying "I know you don't WANT a wet room, but I NEED one to be able to help you without hurting me"
As everyone on this forum knows NEEDS trump WANTS every time.
Keep reminding yourself, If you end up injured you will have to stop caring and what would happen to caree then?
I agree with Mrs A!
bowlingbun wrote:Would your husband agree to a rise and fall bath seat? My mum had one of these, although very disabled it was easy enough to use so she could have a bath every day (osteoporosis and a host of other problems). I'm surprised the OT didn't suggest it.
Yes, we've been given one of those. It's such a valuable item. M, the person I care for, was so excited that he would no longer have the equivalent of a "blanket bath" and have a "proper scrub" as he called it. He's like a water baby now :D
Can you ask for a disability building grant and have the bathroom made into a shower room?
The local council OT can do an assessment for the person you care for.